Organic Search vs PPC: Which is Better?

    SEO Strategy

    When you first start running an online business, you realize that there are a lot of different ways to spread the word about your company online. The digital environment is packed full of opportunities for promotion, starting with simple techniques like email marketing, and spreading all the way to online events and webinars. The more time you spend evaluating your audience and analyzing your industry, the easier it will be for you to decide which strategies are going to generate the best return on investment for your company. However, in the meantime, you might find yourself looking at two of the most valuable and popular choices for gaining customer attention: PPC and SEO. The question is, which one is better?

    Organic Search and PPC

    Organic Search, or SEO is the strategy that companies use to improve their traffic from the search engines organically. In other words, rather than paying for your website to appear at the top of the search results for specific terms that your customers search for online, you make sure that you naturally earn the top spot. This process often takes time, as it requires you to invest in high-quality strategies like link-building and keyword research. Dedicating time and effort to an organic strategy from means that you’ll gain more awareness for your brand in the long-term, but you’ll also have a compounding impact on your brand’s reputation through content. 

    The more your website grows, the more the content you create to generate SEO results will support your brand image. On the other hand, PPC, or pay per click advertising allows you to bypass some of the time involved in creating a solid search engine optimization strategy. You can jump ahead of the curve and start getting attention instantly before you’ve had a chance to prove to Google that you deserve to be at the top. The downside of this strategy is that your results disappear as soon as you stop paying for your ads. However, you can start seeing results faster. 

    A Combined Approach is Best

    The truth is that neither organic search nor PPC is better than its counterpart. These tools both have their own benefits and downsides to consider. That’s why it’s so much better to use them in tandem. If you invest in a content strategy to improve your reputation with Google in the long-term, then you can begin to build your brand and generate natural traffic that never goes away for your company. 

    However, at the same time, you can launch a PPC strategy that begins to pull attention from customers that might not have found your brand straight away. Combining both strategies means that you can generate valuable results for your company straight away, while setting yourself up for success in the long-term too. You’ll often find that these two methodologies support each other in a variety of different ways too. For instance, the keywords that you bid for in your paid advertising strategies might also be some of the terms that you put into your content marketing campaigns.


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