Only 11% of Millennials Believe People are Authentic on Social Media

    MENLO PARK, CA–(Marketwired – December 05, 2016) – Today, Cynny, a developer of adaptive video that leverages real-time user facial expressions (, released the results of its Social Engagementsurvey, which identified the outside factors such as mood and a fear of social drama that keep people from engaging honestly on social media. 

    Millennials are generally known to crave transparency, but according to Cynny’s survey, this age group-which spends a significant amount of time online-may not be as authentic when it comes to interacting with friends, family, or acquaintances on social media. The survey found 73% of millennials allow outside factors such as mood (40%), person who posted (23%) and how popular or combative a post is (10%) to influence how they respond to social content online with the remaining 27% stating they don’t let anything influence them. However, if given the opportunity to engage without their name attached to their profile, 36% of all respondents would ‘go anonymous’ suggesting not all are comfortable sharing their real thoughts with their followers. 

    The desire to prevent real-life drama is another factor that influences how honestly people engage with social media content. The survey shows 37% of all respondents have been called out for not engaging with or noticing a post on social media. That’s despite 71% engaging in some form of sugar-coating versus the 29% that embrace the consequences that come with being honest. When broken down by activity, the survey found most will: 

    • (43%) hold their tongue 
    • (17%) like a photo even if they don’t really like it 
    • (11%) make a generic comment to show support

    By region, those who live in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania — the Middle Atlantic — are also (34%) less likely to hold their tongues than residents in West North Central (53%) or West South Central (52%). This same group is also less likely (33%) to be called out for not engaging with or noticing a post on social media. 

    The survey also found that if a dislike button were available, 31% would use it specifically to share their feelings whether good or bad. 14%, meanwhile, would use it to deliver better content to their feeds. Of those who participated in the survey, 52% believe Facebook is the most accurate at providing content they actually want to engage with followed by Instagram (13%), Twitter (8%), and then Tumblr (4%) and Snapchat (4%). 

    “Our survey suggests we’re all guilty of holding back on social media for one reason or another, but our options for engaging are also limiting — the like button doesn’t say enough, commenting can be tricky, but no engagement at all can also get you into trouble,” said Renato Iwersen, Chief Business Officer at Cynny. “We need more options for engaging with content in a fun, natural way. At Cynny, we’re using facial recognition technology to create a better user experience, specifically for mobile video, that captures our emotional complexities in real time to give a true depiction of our reactions. This creates a truer-to-life experience for users who want to engage with content and each other in a more honest way.” 

    753 US respondents (18 – 44 years-old) participated in Cynny’s Social Engagement survey, conducted online during the month of October 2016. 

    To learn more visit or follow @morphcast. 

    About Cynny 

    Cynny Inc. has developed an adaptive video experience that transforms how people view and interact with video, in real time, to create a more meaningful and engaging sharing experience with loved ones. Based on its patented emotion recognition technology, Cynny can read, respond to and learn from viewers’ reactions and psychographic profiles to morph what they’re watching, while they’re watching. The company’s MorphCast app lets anyone turn photos into mobile videos and applies its emotion recognition technology to turn viewers into co-creators. MorphCast is available for iOS and android and videos are viewable on any browser. Cynny is based in Menlo Park, California, with R&D conducted in Florence, Italy


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