Online Games Empower Entrepreneurs with Killer Mindsets

    Online games have come in for unfair criticism in recent years as more and more people join the online gaming revolution and shun more traditional entertainment genres such as television, cinema, and music.

    However, while it’s true that hours spent in front of a PC or mobile screen is not always the best for one’s wellbeing, there are a multitude of positive influences that some online games can have on the people who play them.

    This is particularly true when it comes to the sorts of mindsets that are required for a top notch Esports player or online gamer to succeed. Indeed, many of the mindset techniques being harnessed by online gamers are now being used in business boardrooms all over the globe. Here we discover how exactly online gaming mindsets are seeping into the business world and helping budding entrepreneurs realize their dreams in the process.

    Chess is just one of the classic games that has transitioned online to become something of a phenomenon, teaching a new breed of players how to strategize and think ahead of their rivals

    Putting Faith in the Numbers Leads to Success

    In business it can be easy to lose sight of the correct way of doing things, especially if you find yourself listening to hearsay and gossip that bears no relation to the truth and brings you to illogical conclusions. The same applies in the world of online gaming, where players often concoct unfounded theories about how a certain game should be played, only to then be proven badly wrong when they are confronted by the results they garner over a long period of time.

    Thankfully there are lots of online games that enable anyone to build a fortified mindset that cannot be diverted away from the correct way of approaching things. These tend to be games where probabilities are at play, such as chess, blackjack, and board games like Monopoly. While making moves aligned correctly with the probabilities at play can never guarantee success (just as is the case in business), in games like blackjack there are simpler calculations that you can logically make to rest easy, knowing that you made the correct calls at the correct times. Such a mindset approach can be very calming for an entrepreneur who is constantly having to wrestle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

    Multiplayer and cooperative games can be incredible ways for people to learn to work in a team while under the utmost pressure

    Thinking Further Ahead Than Opponents

    Being able to foresee future trends before anyone else is ultimately the key to true business success, as long as the person making the correct prediction is then willing to back their convictions with affirmative action.

    There are so many online games that can help build exactly this sort of mindset. First up there are games like League of Legends which pit teams of players against each other, all of whom must form a cohesive strategy and plan that is based on accurate predictions of how and when their rivals will react to certain situations. Contemporary hits such as League of Legends are ultimately all based to some degree on ancient games like chess and backgammon. These offline classics – that have been around for centuries – are now thriving online games in their right and are perhaps the best means of budding entrepreneurs giving their brain a workout before a crucial business meeting or round of intense negotiations.

    Learning From Mistakes and Losses

    One of the things that always shines through when successful businesspeople and high-flying entrepreneurs tell their stories is that they were not deterred by the odd setback or failure; always using such experiences to become better business operators. The great thing about building this mindset via the medium of online gaming is that losing a tournament or battle is nowhere near as damaging as making a business mistake. Nonetheless, learning to accept defeat in an online game, and to use the lessons learnt to improve, is perhaps the best mindset technique that gaming can teach young entrepreneurs.


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