New Technology Trends in the World of iGaming

    iGaming is a beast of a domain to explore and uncover. It’s an amalgamation of hope, despair, tech, human psychological triggers, and so much more. But enough “metaphorical” stuff. 

    iGaming moves quickly. Players always seek out new things, new challenges, new games, new offers, and just about every other “new” thing in the world of gambling. The number of providers and gamblers alike seems to keep growing, so it’s safe to say that the iGaming industry is here to stay. Here are a few technologies that will most likely shape the future of this industry.

    New Payment Methods

    Not all that long ago, online bettors would have very limited payment methods. Most websites accepted stuff like PayPal or default debit cards from MasterCard and Visa. You could only deposit and withdraw money in a given currency. So, yes, basically very limited.

    However, things are starting to change, with more and more websites and platforms offering bettors the possibility of paying through hundreds of possible methods and in numerous currencies. Be it fiat or cryptocurrency, you can now enjoy the added advantage of exchanging currencies when depositing the initial sum and then withdrawing the winnings.

    Fast and Qualitative Streaming

    Long gone are the days of dial-up internet. Now we can enjoy a live soccer video stream and all kinds of live video events with a few clicks. The iGaming industry uses streaming both for betting purposes but also to monitor matches of all types. For example, streaming works in tandem with live casinos to let players view their table, other people, the dealer, etc.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality

    These two often go hand in hand rather than separately, with bettors being able to use their PCs or smartphones to do all kinds of neat tricks when gambling. With a VR headset and some controllers, you can move around a life-like casino and even interact with slot machines and other amenities that one might find in a real-life casino.

    Augmented reality could also prove useful in app development and much more regarding the iGaming industry. More detailed research is necessary to fully achieve this, however, but we are slowly getting there.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is one of the cornerstones of modern online gambling and much more. The way that this technology has evolved over the years has given us so many advantages that it seems unreal. 

    First and foremost, AI helps in the battle against scammers, bots, and fraud attempts. When a bettor or a casino employee receives a suspicious email within the network, the artificial intelligence algorithm automatically detects suspicious or hidden links within the email body and prevents the user from clicking them.

    But that’s just one of the algorithm’s functions. It also tracks all of the users’ behavior to determine what they would like to play next or give programmers suggestions regarding new features. And, most importantly, if it detects that a certain user has a gambling addiction, it redirects them to a helpline.

    Distributed Cloud Technologies

    Even with today’s relatively fast internet, you might still experience certain connectivity issues. Distributed cloud systems can manage the load, shift information from one place to another, as well as divide data into private and public clouds.

    Basically, it makes the payload a little lighter so that it will be better transmitted and received by the device that you are logging in from. In theory, these technologies should significantly increase the speed with which you connect to an iGaming provider.

    Final Thoughts

    iGaming and gambling as a whole have evolved to significantly bigger heights. It will be very interesting to observe how this evolutionary phase will proceed a couple of years from now. Regardless, we think that only good things can come out of these new technologies. At the end of the day, implementing such systems will help bettors and casinos alike so that all the games will be completely fair with no one feeling ripped off.



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