New App Alert! Deion Sanders Jr. Wants To Keep You Motivated

    I can’t lie, there is not one day that I don’t wake up and head to social media for a little morning motivation to help kick-start my day. Let’s face it, when your bed is as comfortable as mine, there is nothing that can stop you from laying there just a little bit longer… so why not take advantage of my extra few minutes of laziness? 

    Behold! The Well Off Forever App  is here. 


    We all know that Deion Sanders is easily one of the greatest and most motivational athletes of all time so it is no surprise that he has passed the torch of his encouraging ways to his son, Deion Sanders Jr. This new app that he has created sends you motivational messages right to your phone! 

    “Well Off Forever means being well off spiritually, mentally, and physically,” Sanders Jr. tells us of his new brand, “I made it so I can reach people directly.”

    We are glad he did!

    Make sure you also check out the website and cop some gear… and stay Well Off Forever!







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