Neuroscience Calisthenics to Break the Barrier of Genetic Inheritance Through Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle Changes

    Do you know without the proper function of your brain, the chances are that more than 90% of your locomotion will be unattainable? Our brains function as a central focal point in controlling all our body functions. Nothing in our body is simple and the most complex part to address is the interactions between body systems. 

    By applying the most current scientific knowledge, trainers have enhanced the mechanism to develop and strengthen the body’s cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. They have achieved the result after a thorough study of energy and nutrition and how it affects human performance. Calisthenics training recognizes the governing neurological principles that influence motor control in sports performance and optimization. 

    Jean Fallacara developed a workout plan to improve and maintain a better form while enhancing movement and flexibility through neuroscience calisthenics.  

    A Snippet on Jean Fallacara Biography 

    Jean Fallacara was born and raised in France by his Italian parents and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. He is an athlete, entrepreneur, scientist, public speaker, and an art collector. He is the maverick CEO of Z-SCI Corp- a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the tech and fitness industry. He has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. His achievements include founding and leading many science-technology companies and recently released a new book called Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack, Your body clock. Jean holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in immunology and genetics, and an engineering degree in biotechnology. He has also studied neurosciences and brain functionalities, law, and finances. 

    Besides work, Jean holds a tremendous passion for extreme sports, thrill-seeking activities, wine tasting, and contemporarily works of arts. Most importantly, Jean is an ambitious calisthenics street workout athlete who holds a place as a brand ambassador and an influencer to other inspiring athletes worldwide. A year ago, he discovered a hidden passion for calisthenics training despite discouragement by his trainer due to his age and the fact that the practice is hard on joints. Nevertheless, having insight on the specific benefit emanating from this kind of athleticism, the fact that it involves body movements, immense focus, concentration, and intense mental power to produce phenomenal results spiked an unquenchable thirst to explore further. 

    What Does Calisthenics Entail?

    Calisthenics consists of gymnastic exercises crafted to achieve and improve bodily fitness and grace of movements. It is a form of resistance training meant to help exercise large muscle groups. The practice has been subdivided into different aspects, which, when rightfully used, produces tremendous achievements. 

    Exercising Plan

    Calisthenic exercises require some bar to hang from. You don’t need equipment to start training. Besides, you can easily do calisthenics exercises in your living room, bedroom, park, or basically, anywhere you can find space. A start-up pack usually has a similar combination as below;

    Four cycles comprising;

    • Eight squats
    • Eight Lunges
    • Eight Push-ups
    • Eight Laying down with legs raised
    • Maximum mountain climbers
    • Eight pike push-ups 
    • Maximum planks. 

    Meal Plan

    When looking into starting a calisthenic training program, it is vital to complement your routine exercise with a proper diet. As a result, you will enjoy maximum gains from the combination of exercise and nutrition. However much you may be exerting effort and time exercising, without fueling your body with the types of food, it will fully achieve the desired goals. 

    Initially, it may seem not easy to get on board with a new diet program, especially if you have not been eating a balanced and proper diet and in the right portion. However, a calisthenics diet is much less complicated, unlike other rigid rules specified diets. 

    Lifestyle Changes

    Calisthenics provides many benefits to muscular and aerobic conditioning. It improves psychomotor skills such as balancing, gaining agility, and coordination. The fact that you are not lifting heavy equipment reduces the risk of injury. Calisthenics is easier on your tendons, joints, and muscles by reducing stress on the joints while building enough collective strength, resulting in a longer lifespan. 

    Calisthenics, therefore, provides a positive lifestyle change, leading you to save more money that may have been channeled to payment of gym subscription and reduction in time taken to follow routine gym sessions. 

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