Motion Designer: a Profession with Huge Potential

    Motion design is a fascinating art that many people would like to master. This job is a byproduct of the rapid technological advancement we have seen in recent years. Today, you can find motion design anywhere from TV shows to ads. This is a dream profession for many of us. But what accounts for its irresistible appeal?

    As a motion designer, you will be tasked with bringing still images to life. Characters and objects come alive to illustrate ideas, create trailers, commercials, etc. The best way to become proficient is by taking a motion design course from a reputable school. This is a growing field of expertise and its potential is undeniable. Here are the fundamentals of the job. See if it is right for you!

    Range of Created Content 

    Works of motion designers are used for TV, movies, and websites. you may deal with projects like:

    • video clips, 
    • trailers, 
    • title sequences, 
    • commercials, etc. 

    Today, the job is only beginning to find its use in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Usually, motion designers animate 2D objects via different tools. The arsenal includes visual effects, animation methods, and other tricks. The end product is always a static image that starts moving in multiple ways.

    Who Will You Work for?

    Successful artists are hired by companies involved in moviemaking, software production, computer technology, and advertising. In the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over half of motion graphic designers are self-employed. Hence, if a freelance career suits you, you can find career opportunities on almost any digital platform. Your services are always in demand, and this demand is only expected to grow in the future. 

    Key Skills for a Motion Designer  

    Any successful project is a product of collaboration between the artists, the client, and teammates. This means effective communication skills are a must. Often, it is necessary to explain complex ideas in everyday words – clients are not supposed to be well-versed in design jargon. Examples of other skills include:

    3D Modeling

    More and more projects are now built on 3D technology. You need to be skilled at texturing and lighting. Although 2D is still ubiquitous, it is important to master the rapidly developing field. 

    Animation Perspective

    As an artist, you will be creating motion via timelines. In this regard, motion design is similar to cartoons. Objects, sources of light, viewpoints, etc., need to move in unison and perfect harmony.  

    Procedural Animation

    This includes tricks that save your time, such as scripts. For example, you can model the outcome of collision based on predetermined physics.


    Your file system must be tidy and well-structured, so you can easily find the layers, assets, etc. This will also save a lot of time.

    Bottom Line

    Motion design is an exciting field with huge potential. Those who master this visual art can work for the largest movie studios, TV companies, and marketing firms. With patience and diligence, you can pursue your dream career.


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