Most Important Lead Generation Trends in 2022

    This year may not be at the beginning, but it’s still 2022, and it is more than important to follow the crucial marketing trends to be successful. And one of the essential marketing tools today is lead generation, a subset of demand generation. Demand generation marketing is a way to stay focused on building interest and brand awareness, which will result in high-quality leads.

    And to achieve those results, you need a demand generation specialist that can develop but also execute and measure lead generation campaigns to drive B2B leads into the pipeline. Getting such an expert also means reaching out to a demand generation company causing demand and revenue with a sales engagement system.

    Still, collaborating with such an influential company means that you have to know the most important lead generation trends in 2022. Therefore, let’s address them.
    Online Lead Generation
    Since there are many growing industries on the market, it is more than evident that the level of competition has never been higher on a global level. And if we learned one thing from the Covid-19 pandemic is that everything can be done online. Therefore, the same rules apply to lead generation.

    That’s why in-person sales are unnecessary anymore, and online lead generation is the new trend worldwide. Voice search, mobile marketing, video marketing, chatbots, and many other tools are already used a lot more in order to create a successful online marketing strategy. So, marketers move to an online marketing approach, which means that the trend of online advertising is rising even more in 2022 and will continue to be more popular in the years to follow.

    Intent Data Usage

    Internal intent data is the first-party intent data collected about the online search of the customer’s journey by using online search histories, gamification, surveys, and so on. Most buyers look for a product or service online before buying it, and this is the exact intent data needed.

    Still, marketers have to use it the right way to understand these several aspects:

    The buying intent of the prospective customer.
    What product or service are they looking for?
    Are the prospects looking for a service or product from competitors?
    How to separate them based on topic, score, and intent behavior.

    No matter the end goal, B2B intent data is an integral part of B2B marketing and a weapon of every marketer.

    Account-Based Marketing

    ABM, which stands for Account-Based Marketing, is a marketing strategy that focuses resources on a variety of target accounts within a market, using personalized campaigns made to engage with every account. Therefore, the goal is to base the marketing message on the particular desires and needs of the account.

    That’s why B2B marketers in 2022 have to adjust to the new buying and intent signals in order to achieve ABM success. It is so effective because it drives personalized interactions at an account level by providing relevance to every message.

    Digital Appointment Setting

    One other, some may say minor, but in fact, a significant change caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that we learned is remote working; therefore, digital appointment setting. And since it’s online, setting an appointment is not just a meeting but a crucial element in building and maintaining a strong relationship with prospective customers.

    Some of the most effective and trendy tools used in 2022 and beyond include Zoom, Google Meet, and many more. This evolution has made it possible to schedule and attend meetings at any time and anywhere with a chance of achieving complete success. And when it comes to lead generation, it is a decisive advantage since marketers can build and maintain relationships with potential buyers right away. It may have been used before to make initial contact, but today, it’s a tool that allows them to be a lot more practical for a lot less time.

    Interactive Content

    It’s not a surprise that you need interactive content, but the biggest challenge is that most of your competitors address the same issue. Therefore, considering the competition in 2022, you have to catch the potential customer’s attention with an engaging marketing campaign.

    In order to stand out from competitors, you need to use video a lot more, but it has to have interactive content. The same rule applies to many other tools like surveys, quizzes, audio, and infographics are also valuable if created with interactive content since this content will keep your leads and potential buyers engaged with your services and products. Furthermore, using podcasts is yet another smart idea since potential customers will have a chance to understand what your business is about and how it can be helpful to them.

    These are the most important lead generation trends in 2022, so make sure to follow and use them to make the best out of every possible situation to grow your business with new leads; therefore, new potential loyal customers!

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