Morbid Memories, Ballads By Valid

    New Theory Poetry Series

    Morbid Memories

    I am drowning 

    I am laughing and I am clowning.

    I am surrounding

    Myself in findings amounting

    In anxiety tenfold

    And it is astounding.

    My inner child 

    Trying to keep from dying.

    It is blinding

    To see the madness multiplying. 

    In what has been binding

    My body and mind from flying.

    Motivation comes and goes

    Reload my pen

    Aimed the gun at my foes.

    Ammunition is summed in my woes.

    My blood is cold

    I’ve gone numb in my toes.

    I’m holding my hopes

    To see my savior in golden lined robes.

    I’m encoding rhyme in the notes 

    Opening what’ll hide in the folds

    Chosen and designed to close

    The mind opened and primed to host

    Peace , Love and Positivity .

    -Ballads by Valid


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