Meet One of Instagrams Top Automotive Apparel Brand – Tuned in Tokyo

    Tuned in Tokyo, an automotive apparel brand in California that was founded in 2015, is recently on the limelight for being among the companies that have been winning big during this ‘pandemic.’ For them, the pandemic has turned to be a blessing in a way. They have done over 10 million in sales in the first half of 2020.

    You might think that only companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Tesla are winning until you meet the 5-year-old company that is already a force to be reckoned in the industry.


    Some friends who shared similar interests came up with an idea of starting a clothing company for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) culture enthusiasts. They started it immediately, and with time, it was gaining traction rapidly.

    Taking advantage of the digital market, they did not gamble with their online presence. They started growing their platforms through top car enthusiasts influencers. They were also partnering with influential people, which led to a massive following on social media.

    As time progressed, they were setting up events for the lovers of automotive scenes. They also purpose to take the events a notch higher by setting up bigger and more interesting events for the car enthusiasts.

    The JDM Culture

    Tuned in Tokyo has created a very strong culture with its customers. Being very close to the JDM scene, their customers love them because they share a common interest—cars. The company brings that value to their customers with the apparel. The apparel brings the community together. People can walk proudly at car meets or in the streets as they showcase their true love for cars using the apparel.

    The company ensures that it is up to date with the latest trends for their customers. This has brought their clients so close and established a relationship with them. “We are always getting referrals from our customers,” said one of the founders in an event.

    Exponential Growth

    The first and most important criterion that Tuned in Tokyo used to ensure growth was identifying their target market. They identified their customers and understood the market well before launching their business.

    Within a short period of time, they had become the go-to brand for most car enthusiasts. They also had a good ground to play because, during that time, there weren’t brands that were involved in the scene. This gave them a straight win in the automotive apparel industry. It is now valued at $40,000 and it is still growing.


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