Meet Young Lee – The Superstar Real Estate Broker Who Proves Empathy Always Wins

    For ages, property ownership has been among the most esteemed things in life. Many families in the US are hoping to get a dream home. Those with homes can attest that owning a property is a milestone worth celebrating. In the backstage of such milestones are real estate experts who help you achieve your dreams. Young Lee is one of them. 

    Taking Up Early Responsibilities

    Reading Lee’s successful story,  you might be forced to think that his journey has been smooth all the way. But in fact, Lee had to man up and play the father figure in the family while still young. His father left him when he was four, a time his family had moved from South Korea to America. 

    After completing college, Lee started trading. He started his career in options trading where he was in the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  He was promoted in his trading firm, but after some years, he lost everything, and change was inevitable. He found himself in the real estate sector. 

    What he never projected was that starting his real estate had coincided with the real estate crash period also termed as The Great Recession period of 2008. Things were hard for the new entrepreneur. Not only in his business were things not going well, but across the whole industry was getting crashed. 

    Failing Was Not an Option

    With his dependents on the burden of his shoulders, a pregnant wife, and his mother, Lee had to overcome the recession period. Acquainting himself with the aspects of real estate was the first goal. He began doing rentals, short sales, foreclosures, investments, mortgages, and the business was finally catching up with the others who had been in the industry for long. 

    Lee is today the CEO and team leader of the award-winning Young Lee Group. It was awarded as the Top producing Group from the Chicago Association of Realtors, an accomplishment the group has received in following seven consecutive years. He was also inducted into the Properties Prestigious “Rolex Group” for being among the top-performing real estate brokers. 

    Empowering Others 

    Lee is now helping people use real estate as an agent to change their lives. With his experience, he has been a mentor to hundreds by giving them some insights that he has learned in his journey. He knows that having a mentor who is guiding you is the ideal path to success; that’s why he has offered to empower investors to make their six to seven figures through investing. 

    While helping others, he attests that he has gotten more exposure, which has led to more success in his real estate investments. He is open to help and guide people because he knows that everyone is a genius in their own way, and empowering others will only make you wiser and more successful.

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