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    For modern users, an application is something that plays a vital role in carrying out the desired tasks. However, for the effective use of the same, the application needs to have the sound front as well as back end processes that can help to have complete use of the concerned application as required with the concerned services as well as products. Full stack development makes an indication towards the development concerning the back-end and front-end parts pertain to an application. This class of process regarding web development takes into account the whole array of the three layers. Presentation layer makes the front-end portion which handles the UI. Business logic layer makes the back-end portion which handles the data validation and finally the database layer. It considers all the stages right from its basic notion of the formation to the real finished item.  

    Full stack test

    You can utilize the full stack test in the form of a screening tool for hiring drive and recruitment. This test appraises the backend and frontend knowledge of an applicant. Moreover, the contender is required to know about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and a lot more. This makes certain for firms to take in the right contender for a specific job role.

    Features of full stack

    Cross-platform and Cross- technology Readiness

    In this day and age, engineers must not be restricted to which OS they happen to utilize. As per definition, frameworks need to be totally standard, and they must never confine their users. It implies that they need to be fully cross-platform, backing MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

    By saying cross-technology readiness is implied to script tests meant for various technologies like APIs, web, mobile, and desktop. This as well comprises a comparable API.

    Cloud Readiness

    Several organizations own their farms of computers and gadgets having a range of browser arrangements. Nevertheless, these days, some reputed cloud providers offer a reasonable answer to this problem. They are capable of assisting you to carry out pixel perfect layout testing over different devices.

    A chief necessity for your full-stack automation frameworks can be said to be to permit you to put in practice your tests within the cloud with no intricate arrangement efforts.

    With ease transfer of knowledge

    Documentation does not make sufficient. You can boast of enjoying a good deal of proficiency in the area of automated testing and would have taught numerous colleagues to script thorough tests utilizing the framework of the team. It is needed to have an extra automated process permitting individuals to know about it. It can be achieved by starter-kit or getting started solutions. In relation to every test technology, there may be a comparable starter-kit. Every starter kit explicates the characteristics relating to the framework with in-depth, real-world instances.  

    Troubleshooting Ease

    With escalating test number and intricacy, it shall be even too much vital that the tests need to be maintainable. A useful portion pertaining to this endeavor is easy troubleshooting and excellent backup for spotting errors.

    A major portion of maintainability happens to be troubleshooting prevalent tests. The majority of open source or in-house do not offer loads of features so that to render your life very easy. It may be one among the highly time-taking jobs. There will be hundreds of failing tests and discover whether there happens any bug or issue with the test within the application. In case you bring in use complicated design patterns or plugins, doing up bugs in the tests can be very thorny and shall necessitate loads of experience and resources. All these issues can be tackled by full-stack automation framework.

    Applications of full stack

    Frontend or Presentation layer

    First and the foremost let you know about the presentation layer that is about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. CSS and HTML do not make programming languages in itself and reality is the syntax. They are meant to make your site appear attracting and aid the users to utilize the facts well.  

    Both the languages happen to be trouble-free to comprehend and do not consume too much time. JS or JavaScript, on the contrary, happens to be a programming language and tends to be highly helpful while functioning on the backend and also frontend.                                

    Logic layer or Backend

    The logic layer makes one where you will start with usual programming languages such as Ruby, Python, C, JavaScript, and PHP. This logic layer assists by way of transport and validation mean amid the database layer and frontend.

    PHP happens to be very old preferred and powers a huge number of the websites throughout the globe on the ground of the plentiful number of framework and resources found. In contrast, JavaScript retains the position of well-liked language. One amid the prime causes of JavaScript fame can be linked to its flexibility and the fame of Angular JS and Node .js.

    Data layer or Database

    The last layer relating to the stack happens to be the database. The preference of the database shall be dependent on the backend that is MongoDB for Node.js; MySQL for PHP; SQL for ASP.Net programming language. This database stacks the whole of the data from the application. However, it does not make all that the data layer can do.

    The whole of the application is in reality hosted over a server, and content hosting, load balancing, downtime, uptime of the website together with various other performance metrics rely on the way you handle the server.   

    Consequently, it will be important to know about the way to settle on the database to utilize which shall rely on the handling the performance and the system architecture relating to the server resources. Seeing that MySQL makes one amid the extensively utilized database technologies, you better begin with it.

    Learning all these technologies shall aid you to take the initial stride in the direction of turning out to be a full stack developer. Importantly, Node .js makes at this time very famous and can be better to commence with, while PHP makes exceedingly flexible and is in vogue for years.

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