Marketing and Communication Strategies Behind the Release of Playstation 5

    Quoting the great Steve Jobs, we are going through an era in which it is necessary to deal with machines of graceful elegance. Although many years have passed since Jobs was in charge of Apple and focused on the concept of on, started and connected, it is difficult to think of something so different, during this period of rumors and rumors surrounding the imminent release of Playstation 5.

    What boils in the pot regarding Sony and Ps5

    Ps5 is not a product of the Cupertino house, even if Sony’s marketing strategies, on this occasion, remind a careful and analytical look of the way of communicating that was dear to Jobs. Through books, films and interviews it is possible to review and study the genius of Apple, a fact that must not have been overlooked by those who have dealt with the planetary launch of this new console. The release period coincided with this anomalous and critical 2020, an aspect that Sony has been able to turn to its advantage. In fact, the rumors over the past few months have followed one another at an increasingly frenetic and swirling pace.

    Communication is the key to understanding pop phenomena such as gaming

    Communication today has become a powerful tool, both for advertising a book, a potential best seller, and for the launch of a streaming platform, as we have seen for the great launch of Disney Plus, or for a blockbuster film or a disc created to climb the sales rankings. At first, for example, the artist and pop icon Lady Gaga, he had thought of postponing the publication of his latest CD, to then change his mind and opt for a sober, but potentially effective communication. However, these are different products or tools. The launch of a product like Ps5 can only be compared to the release of a new PC or laptop, given that it is a physical product through which you can play, connect and spend your free time.

    Specifications and price indications on the new Sony console

    There are also different points of view, precisely on how communication and marketing was created to implement this new console. For example, we know that it will be available in two different versions, that the dedicated controllers and accessories could make a difference this time, but always for a communication question, the indication of prices has not been made official. This could also be part of a clever communication strategy, aimed at giving prominence to the product, its peculiar characteristics, and then also revealing the price. However, natural rumors have leaked that tell us that the price will certainly be higher than the Ps4, whose price during the autumn of 2013 was equal to 399 euros. However, it is not the hypothesis of the price that keeps the counter, even if normally those who buy it will want to know, even to get to grips, since they are often people who already have a previous model or who know this type of product well.

    Games are the new form of entertainment for today’s generations

    Compared to past generations, fans of games, videogames and consoles today represent an important slice of the market, which previously was intended for other types of entertainment. For example, let’s think about how leisure sectors such as cinema, amateur sports, music, comics and so on have changed. Cinema has almost completely lost the charm it had been able to maintain and in some cases consolidate until the 1980s and 1990s. Today is a topic like any other, where however the films that are successful have already been designed to obtain it. There are still isolated cases of small or medium-sized productions capable of blowing up the bank, as happened for example during the past season with the film Joker, inspired by the Batman comics of Dc Comics. However, these are individual anomalies. Easier to convey the message and the tool through a precise idea of ​​communication and digital marketing. Everything actually passes through the web, like digital gaming, with examples of eSports, electronic sports, or like the online casino circuit Italy which has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, changing its skin based on the devices on which it was practiced. Ten years ago the first digital gaming rooms were made for old-generation fixed PCs and laptops, while today the game is developed and practiced mainly on tablets such as the iPad, or smartphones such as the iPhone and the latest Samsung models, without forgetting the new convertible computers that act as both laptops and practical tablets. The difference is naturally given by the game and the attention that the user dedicates to it.

    Even for the digital gambling sector, communication and marketing have moved in the direction of innovation, of change, with digital and mobile devices that have changed and that have naturally taken the upper hand compared to other types of devices. There are elements that are common to the gaming sector and therefore of consoles such as Ps5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, with the online gambling circuit, where we find the roulette and other casino games on the apps. for smartphones and tablets. The digital revolution today has created new forms of work, entertainment and leisure, which seen in perspective have changed our way of understanding a normal pastime, our increasingly precious free time. It is no coincidence that the sites dedicated to gaming are more and more, if there are services dedicated to technology, the latest releases and if behind the release of this new Playstation 5 console there is the entire multimedia gaming industry, given that now even the various competitors such as Microsoft will have to accept and take up the challenge. This will create further attention and what we now call hype, around the marketing of a product destined to become the new best seller in technological terms for the next autumn 2020.


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