Lose Belly Fat Quick With These 5 Research-Based Tips

    Those weight loss “hacks” and trends never help you shed a pound! Try these five science-backed tricks to torch belly fat and guarantee a slim physique.

    Picture this. You wake up one day, and that belly fat that’s been bugging you is completely gone. Sounds magical, right?  Well, the truth is, it’s not that simple. 

    In fact, nothing can be more stubborn and unrelenting than belly fat. You see tons of people jogging and dripping sweat in the gym, and yet there’s still this persistent bulge on their torsos.

    You’re probably wondering if there’s any hope for conquering belly fat.

    Good news! You can get rid of that stubborn fat once and for all. 

    If you’ve been missing out on hot outfits and confidence because of that unwanted bulge, worry not! Follow these five science-backed tricks to torch more belly fat.

    What is Belly Fat?

    Belly fat is the build-up of fat around the stomach or belly area. Visceral fat, a type of belly fat, can be harmful to your health and has links to type 2 diabetes and heart disease

    Losing belly fat continues to prove challenging for many people. Misconceptions and myths surrounding this health problem aren’t helping the situation either.  

    Some of the debunked myths about belly fat:

    • You can take shortcuts to lose belly fat (waist trainers, pills, etc.).
    • Some foods burn core fat.
    • You don’t need a holistic exercise regimen to shed it.
    • Fatty foods are the only culprit.

    What Causes Belly Fat?

    Certain foods encourage fat, but it goes beyond the usual counting of calories. 

    For starters eating trans fats increases your belly fat. These fats attack your gut health and lead to the growth of this unfortunate fat build-up.

    Another factor that causes belly fat is stress. Research has found that people who are always stressed tend to have weight problems, including unrelenting fat. 

    Drinking too much alcohol is yet another reason for a bulging belly. Alcohol has excess calories, and most of that drink will end up in the gut. 

    Lastly, having the wrong gut bacteria can make it challenging to get rid of belly fat. A healthy gut balances hormones, regulates the immune system, and controls our moods and emotions, among other things. 

    Still, that fat doesn’t have to ruin your self-esteem forever. There are proven strategies known to help combat this problem with amazing results. 

    Read on to find out more!

    1. What Not to Eat

    If you want to stay healthy, there are certain things you need to stop eating. That’s because some foods work against your body’s ability to self-regulate and stay fit. 

    As we’ve already mentioned above, certain foods like trans fats won’t help you shed any tummy fat. Foods like fries, cookies, and cakes are terrible for your health, laced with oils contributing to fat build-up.

    Some types of cooking oils also expose you to the risk of increasing harmful fat in your body. If you want to cut weight, try cutting down your use of vegetable oils

    You also want to avoid sugar, as it’s known to raise the body’s blood sugar levels. Consuming too much sugar exposes you to serious health conditions like fatty liver disease, on top of a risk for more fat.

    The caution on consuming sugar also applies to carbonated soft drinks, which contain high sugar content.

    You may also want to tread carefully when it comes to carbs. Refined carbohydrates increase blood sugar and lead to weight gain.

    2. What to Eat

    Considering the long list above of what not to eat, you may be wondering what you can eat. Choose to supplement your lousy diet with healthier alternatives. 

    Start by swapping in natural sweeteners to replace sugar. Honey works perfect, just like a spoon of sugar. The only perk is that it’s natural and harmless. You can also use maple syrup as a sugar substitute.

    Another thing you should consider is adding more fiber to your diet. Fiber is excellent for a healthy gut and digestion. Examples of foods rich in fiber include whole grains, oats, beans, legumes, and chia seeds. 

    Add more proteins to your diet as well. The goals are to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Proteins provide a fuller feeling, leaving you satisfied after only eating small amounts.  

    Add healthy fats like salmon and fish to your dinner plate, too. And, chopped avocados make an excellent topping for your sandwich or salad. 

    If you’re not eating salads and nuts, start now. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are a low-calorie way to enjoy healthy snacks.

    3. Working Out

    Simple cardio exercises are enough to help you manage your weight. And, you don’t necessarily need a gym membership or to use heavy equipment.

    Remember, what you really need is a holistic approach to losing body weight and not a targeted exercise. Those hardly ever work because you can’t possibly lose fat in your belly while still having it in every other part of your body.

    Start with simple stretches at home. Then, move on to high-intensity cardiovascular exercises that leave you sweating and panting for air. 

    Without a doubt, cardio is the best way to work your entire body and is excellent for shedding stubborn fat. Throw in strength training as well to build a more muscular physique. If you have no weight, use things around the house. 

    4. Healthy Habits

    If you want to lose weight, prioritize healthy habits. Change comes when you adjust your mindset. If you’re struggling mentally, create a journal and make some notes about your journey. 

    Unhealthy habits like ordering take-out, eating large meals, and waking up in the middle of the night to eat a carton of ice cream only add to the problem.

    Do your best to cook and eat at home. Meal prep is one of the best ways to make daily cooking easier, save you time, and stick to a healthy diet.

    Watch your portions and make the right ones. Dietician’s recommend that proteins and vitamins should make up the largest part of your meal. 

    Drink more water, and replace juices and soda with water whenever possible.

    Getting enough sleep also ensures that your body has time to recover. A lousy sleep pattern will slow your metabolism and weight loss.

    5. Teaming Up

    Working with a team can help you lose weight faster. 

    See, the problem with working out or dieting alone is that you’ll more than likely feel unmotivated and end up quitting halfway through.

    Working as a team boosts your morale and keeps you accountable. Finding people with similar goals as yours is one step to accomplishing your weight loss visions. 

    Once you’re in the right crowd, they’ll help you focus on the important steps like eating right and turning down temptations that hinder progress.


    It’s not just possible to lose belly fat and lead a healthy life. It’s doable for anyone who puts their mind to it. 

    The five amazing tips we’ve shared with you are expert-proven to help you manage tummy fat and take control of an unhealthy lifestyle. Try them out and look for any improvements you can make in your weight loss journey. 

    Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Grove at Huntsville to help them with their online marketing.


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