Learn the Story Behind Fashion Icon and Influencer, Elsy Guevara

    Elsy Guevara is a top fashion influencer on Instagram who’s amassed a following of over one million at 23-years old. 

    When Elsy was a 17-year-old, she received an Instagram direct message from Fashion Nova, to come in and curate some content for their brand. 

    What started as a one-off gig soon became a full-time job.

    Elsy was presented the opportunity to handle a marketing and merchandising role at Fashion Nova, and she took it.

    Securing a high ranking position in a prestigious fashion company would make a lot of people step into their comfort zone. 

    To Elsy, this was not the case. She wasn’t fully satisfied because she knew, deep down, she could accomplish more.

    While on the job, Elsy teamed up with her sister to start their clothing line, OOTDFash. 

    OOTDFash is a clothing line whose main base of operations is on the social media platform Instagram. 

    Elsy was able to distinguish her brand through unique post layouts and full-body pictures. Elsy and her partner started with a rack of clothes and scaled quickly over the next couple of years.

    Lack of Storage space soon became a problem. 

    Elsy had to move her clothing line from her sister’s boyfriend’s garage to a large warehouse. This was a wise decision, considering the business had an online extension.

    So far, Elsy has seen great success, with over a million followers on Instagram, OOTDFash is now considered In of the top fashion brands on social media.  

    This past year, Elsy launched a wholesale company called Galifornia Wholesale. She started this business in a bid to help young women with the desire to pursue fashion to start their clothing lines or boutiques.

    Galifornia wholesale is a wholesale company whose primary focus is to bring the latest fashion styles and trends to these women, hassle-free.

    Elsy attributes her success to innovation, proper marketing techniques, and helping other aspiring business owners to start their fashion journey.

    Apart from distinct business principles, Elsy also has her own set of rules and laws she follows. She always tries to see the light in every negative situation. Yeah, that’s called optimism. 

    Optimism will take you far on your journey to success; in every bad situation, you should strive to make a negative outcome a positive one.

    Elsy also recommends you grow a tough shell, know when to draw the line, and make decisions in your life. 

    Here’s a parting quote from Elsy;

    “Never lose yourself, be different and unique, and don’t stop being who you are.”


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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