Learn How to Electronically Sign Your Soda PDF Documents

    You will need to first install the Soda PDF in your system to electronically sign (e-sign) the PDF document. After this step by step go through the signing process. Given below is a complete description of how you can esign PDF  file with Soda PDF software.

    Open the PDF Document to Be Signed Electronically

    Once you open the PDF in the Soda PDF, you must first look at your documents and some of the text fields that might need to be filled out before signing the document electronically. For this, simply click on any text field and type in the information that needs to go in that text field.

    After doing this, you are ready to sign the document electronically. You have to click on the signature box; this will open a window that will ask you which digital ID you want to use to sign the document with.

    Make Your Digital ID

    There will be an option for you that can help you use your existing digital ID for signing the document electronically. But, in case you do not have, then you have to choose the option of making new digital ID to help you in signing the document. As you choose this option, click the ‘next’ button at the bottom right side of the window.

    This will open another window that will ask you about the details of your identity. Fill in your name and email address. If you are signing on behalf of company or organization, then add information about that too. Also, make sure that your country or region is correctly selected from the pull-down menu.

    After adding all the required information correctly, again click the ‘next’ button at the right corner at the bottom of this window. This will again open another window that will ask you that where you want to save your digital ID. After selecting the appropriate place of saving your digital ID, you will have to give a strong password for its security. You will also be required to confirm that password. After this, you can click the finish button, that means that your digital ID is generated successfully.

    Sign your File Electronically

    Now that you are done making your new digital ID, you are ready to electronically sign your Soda PDF document with this digital ID.  Make sure that the pull-down menu appeared on the new window is set to your digital ID and enter your password. Before signing the document, check the box at the bottom left corner of the window that says, ‘lock document after signing.’ This will prevent someone from changing the document once it is signed electronically by you.

    You can now click the sign button after signing the Soda PDF document electronically. After clicking it, you will need to save this newly signed document to your computer. For this, simply give it a name and tell the system to save the document at a particular place.

    Select Place to Save The Signed Document

    Another important thing to set here is to select that you want to save the document as ‘Soda PDF File.’ Then simply click the save button and you will see that your signature is added to that document.

    This is the simple protocol that you can follow to get your Soda PDF documents signed in a matter of just 10 minutes or even less.


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