Learn About The Importance Of Calculating Sample Size

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    The effectiveness of an arithmetical test is defined as the possibility that a test will discard the null hypothesis when it is false. This ability of the statistical test reflects the possibility of not performing a type II error. 

    There are two important factors that impact the power of a study. These are the effect size, and the sample size. In this article, we will learn more about sample size and its importance. 

    Why it is important to determine the right sample size?

    The sample size is inversely proportional to effect size. There are different consequences of conducting studies with very small and very large sample size. A study that has a very small sample size can yield inconclusive results. 

    It is even considered unethical as exposing humans or lab animals to the probable risks linked with research is admissible only when there is a realistic possibility that the study will produce useful information.

    On the other hand, if a study is performed on a sample that has a very large sample size doesn’t yield any value. It is also considered to be simply a waste of resources. It exposes more humans, or animals than required to any associated risk.  Due to this reason, it becomes important to appropriately determine the sample size.

    Ovation MR is a leading firm that provides a sample size calculator to make it easy for you to calculate the sample size. This website provides a tool for estimating a sample size to obtain conclusions from a representative sample of a target population.

    What is the importance of the determination of the sample size?

    Customer surveys are important for a business as it provides valuable insights to take the businesses to reach higher levels of success. Determination of sample size is the first step towards the creation of influential surveys. The sample size implies the number of respondents needed to numerically represent the population that you use for carrying out the survey.  

    How is a sample size determined?

    The sample size is determined by considering a few factors. These are the size of the population; margin of error, or confidence interval; confidence level; and standard deviation. 

    All these factors together contribute to arriving at sample size. You need to simply insert these values (number/percentage) in the sample calculator tools to find out the right sample size.   

    What tools can help in determining the right sample size?

    There are different tools designed to perform specific tasks. For the calculation of sample size, there is a wide range of straight forward sampling tools available on the market. 

    You will find sample size software like Power Calculator for Successful Medical Trials, nQuery Sample Size, Sample size calculator, etc. to calculate the appropriate size of samples for any provided power


    The sample size plays an important role to obtain legal and useful results of a customer survey. Due to the valuable insights, it provides to a business, it is critical to determine the right sample size used in the design of a study.



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