Largest Tech Conference in Puerto Rico

    Disrupt Week to launch largest Tech Conference in Puerto Rico

    Anthony Delgado, New Theory Senior cContributor has a love two things: 1) Technology and 2) Puerto Rico.  He is set out to make PR the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean.  Yes he is dreaming big, but if anyone can do it, its Anthony.

    He has appeared on the New Theory Podcast and that is when I knew this guy was legit.  He actually packed his bags and moved to Puerto Rico to start his new life with a singular focus in mind: to make PR a technology hub.  Within a few weeks he announced Disrupt Week which a weeklong event featuring some prominent speakers like Gerard Adams, Rob Fajardo and many more.  So whether its the practical learning, fireside chats or the VIP mastermind on a boat, this is going to be a must attend event.

    Check out Anthony’s (passionate) invitation video and hope to see you there:

    To learn more about the event, check out:


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