Kickstart Your Career with a Medical Assisting Course

    Earning your degree in the US is very expensive. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) said 8 in 10 poor students could not afford to continue higher education after high school. Those in the lowest-income bracket, however, have no chance to go to college.

    However, there are many arts college medical arts college Raleigh NC. This includes the Living Arts College that offers an opportunity to kick start your career immediately. You can earn a good living while still leaving a lot of elbow room should you decide to pursue another career in healthcare in the future.

    The Student Debt Crisis

    According to The Federal Reserve, 42% of college students are saddled with student loans. More than 6 in 10 of them are from ages 18-29 years old while 64% are from ages 30-44 years of age. That means even if when they have already entered the workforce and started their own families, they are still paying their debts.

    The College Board also reported that each student in public schools had incurred an average debt of $26,000 for a four-year course. In contrast, a student in a private, non-profit school spent an average of $32,000. 

    A Viable Solution

    Affording a four-year course because of financial difficulties is challenging. You can consider a medical assisting certificate from an arts college medical arts college Raleigh NC. If you have plans on becoming a nurse, for instance, working first as a medical assistant will give you the necessary experience to fulfill your dreams.

    But what is a medical assistant?

    The job requires both clinical and administrative duties, although you will also be under the supervision of a physician.

    Among your duties include:

    • Assisting the patient
    • Conducting an EKG
    • Drawing blood for laboratory tests
    • Assist the physician in caring for the patient

    How Much Does a Medical Assistant Earn?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that a medical assistant earns a median pay of $33,610 per year. 

    Most hospitals, physician’s clinics, and healthcare facilities also don’t require a lot of experience before hiring new graduates. 

    Meanwhile, the industry continues to grow. The BLS said the demand for medical assistants would increase by 23% in the ten years between 2018 and 2028. The application is much higher compared to the other professions.

    What’s the Next Step after a Medical Assisting Course?

    If you are worried that you will be relegated to a glorified assistant, you have plenty of options once you already gained enough experience in your field.

    For instance, during your training, you will learn about the following:

    • Physiology
    • Sterilization
    • Basic pharmacology
    • Administrative tasks
    • Computers
    • Medical billing and coding

    The great thing about getting a job right away is your opportunity to network with the movers and players in the field of healthcare. 

    Besides, you can pursue specializations in ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, and others. You decide to complete a bachelor’s degree later on. Some of your lessons in medical assisting will be credited, so you finish your course in less time. 

    If you are interested in a medical assisting course, you can head off to the Living Arts College website for more information. Also, they offer scholarship programs, so you don’t become saddled with student loans later on.


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