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    All modern organizations are expected to use the latest technology in order to stay connected, but a string of very high profile security breaches have people worried about their security, too. What’s the best way to take advantage of the latest in modern communication tools for your board, without putting your company at risk of a breach?

    For companies from a range of industries, including Crown agencies, credit unions, health organizations, and non-profits across North America, the answer is board portal software. Let’s take a closer look at all the ways board portals can empower your directors with the advanced and secure technology that helps drive results for your entire organization.

    Streamlined Communications

    Sometimes, all the different devices that keep people connected end up complicating communications. Board portal software is cloud-based, so directors can keep connected to each other through      whatever device they prefer — the software is designed to be easy to use on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. It can even be used offline, as it automatically syncs up when re-connected to Wi-Fi.

    Whatever device you use, you can distribute meeting minutes digitally, look up minutes from past meetings, easily share board materials with other directors, create and compile quarterly board book information, annotate and share documents, and more. Because any change you make to one document is reflected on everybody’s copy, no time is wasted getting every director up to date before, during, or      after meetings.

    Powerful, Time-Saving Features You Need

    For issues requiring a resolution, it’s easy to find out where the other directors stand by letting them vote electronically in the software. You can also eliminate a good chunk of the busywork of board management with features that let you monitor meeting attendance and track expenses.

    Uploading and aggregating board packages only requires the click of a button. Plus, you have full control over access permissions for committees and sub-committees, so it’s easy to control who can and cannot see certain material.

    Total Security

    All of the useful tools in the world wouldn’t be worth it if the platform itself wasn’t totally secure. Board portal software uses layers of advanced encryption to keep hackers from accessing your material. All the servers storing your data comply with third-party security certification requirements. 

    If a director becomes separated from their company-issued device, you can simply wipe the board data on the device remotely, thereby avoiding a data breach. If this same director then needs to access important board material, all they have to do is log in from any other tablet, laptop, or desktop. There will always be business continuity, even if something goes wrong. 

    With all the digital innovations hitting the market, sometimes it can be difficult to sort out which truly delivers results and which is just hype. Any organization looking for powerful and secure tools for their board to communicate and collaborate remotely, while promoting transparency and good governance, should give board portal software a chance.


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