Is Moving to Sacramento Good for your Career?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in a job you love but want a change in scenery or are determined to move into a new line of work, finding the perfect career in the right city can be difficult.


    But if you find your nine-to-five is filled with a desire to make a change, or you’re constantly searching for Sacramento houses at night before you go to bed, perhaps it’s time to delve a little deeper and decide whether a move to California’s capital would be a good move for your career, whatever your vocation may be.


    Sacramento’s job opportunities


    People who move to Sacramento in search of a steady job don’t tend to have to wait very long, with a broad range of diverse industries that contribute to the California capital’s economic growth.


    Mining, transport, and agriculture are the backbone of Sacramento. But the future also looks bright, with healthcare and technology companies expanding and contributing to this ripe job market.


    Due to the location, there are many government work opportunities as well, making Sacramento a prime location for manual workers, healthcare experts, tech-heads, and aspiring political juggernauts alike.


    Sacramento’s educational opportunities


    Higher education is one of Sacramento’s most glistening jewels in its impressive crown. Driven and dedicated career-minded people can enjoy a range of choices at California State University, one of the oldest and most reputable institutions in the United States.


    Offering more than 60 undergrad programs (and even 40 for graduates), there’s career progression potential for all Sacramento inhabitants. And for concerned parents with eager young learners, there’s the diverse Sacramento City Unified School District, which oversees some of the best young school systems in the entire country.


    Sacramento’s housing is affordable


    While on the surface it may not seem like it, the Golden State’s capital offers relatively affordable housing options for career-minded new movers. Yes, the cost of living in the area is higher than the national average, but compared to many other cities in California, it’s far more affordable.


    Los Angeles and San Diego are far more expensive, and with fewer work opportunities, it’s easy to see why Sacramento has gained so much popularity as of late. Even Silicon Valley innovators and other workers from some of the largest industries of the Golden State are beginning to flock there, with remote working opportunities increasing.


    This combination of comparative cost-saving (based on nearby larger cities) and a high average salary rate makes Sacramento a hugely attractive proposition for your next career move.


    Sacramento has a thriving arts and culture scene 


    These benefits are topped off by the leisure activities that Sacramento workers can enjoy in their spare time. The incredibly rich and diverse community in Sacramento means that there’s always something fun and exciting to discover, whether it’s after-work drinks and food with your new colleagues, or weekend activities with the kids.


    Fascinating cultural celebrations like Cinco de Mayo are hugely popular in the Golden State capital, and there’s always a game to watch or a sports event to attend that’s buzzing with that warm California feel.

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