Is It Worth It To Take Protein Supplements? Interesting Scientific Research!

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    Athletes diet often is supported by all kinds of dietary supplements and nutrients, which are designed to raise the nutritional value of the diet. The most common choice is whey protein, which is mainly used in before or after training time. Physiologists from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland decided to examine the issue, to find out what can be expected from the addition of whey protein in the diet.

    The survey – Five months of strength training with and without whey
    The study lasted 21 weeks and involved young men who have never trained. The training was performed twice a week and consisted of performing exercises large muscle groups, such as deadlift, squats, high-press and other olympic-like exercises, bench press, military press etc. The control group haven’t been training at all. Moreover, a training group further divided into a drinking whey protein in an amount of 15 g and 15 g before the training. The second part of trainees received a placebo.

    After 21 weeks of the experiment group receiving placebo built by just training about 2.57 kg mass. The group receiving whey protein in a total amount of 30 g near the training time gained 3.1 kg muscle. This means that the use of protein supplements causes a greater increase in muscle mass, as much as 21%, compared to those trainees taking placebo!

    The use of protein supplements helps increase muscle mass in people practising forcefully. in the case of this study was 21%. more than people practising without supplements. Dietary protein supplement use may contribute to a significant improvement of training effects.

    But which one to choose?

    As you know, there are many protein supplements out there on the market. Unfortunately, we cannot afford all of them, to check them one by one. So, how to narrow the choice?

    Firstly, try to choose whey supplement tested scientifically. There are only few of them on market, but it proves that the manufacturer is sure of its product, and want to show audience its quality!

    Secondly, try to choose blends of whey proteins. Blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate seems to be the most price-effective one.

    Thirdly, the more protein content, the better! Whey supplements containing over 80% should get your attention.

    Last, but not least – taste! Remember, that food has to be a pleasure (more or less), so protein supplement in taste which you like is crucial!


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