Is It Safe to Mix Adderall and Coffee?

    Is It Safe to Mix Adderall and Coffee?

    Adderall has become a popular drug, but a few people only know what it actually does—especially when taken at high doses or mixed with other substances. In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of mixing Adderall and coffee; and what you are about to discover may surprise you.

    But before we answer the question above, let us take a quick look at what Adderall is and how this drug works.

    What is Adderall? 

    It is a prescription medicine that contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, and this drug is among the many types of stimulants. This drug is usually used to treat people with ADHD because it directly affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, consequently improving their attention span and focus.

    However, like any other drug, Adderall has its own fair share of side effects and can be very harmful when administered in very high doses.

    According to Focused Edges, it not only makes you dependent on amphetamines but also leads to more alarming side effects such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, restlessness, and sleep disorder.

    What Caffeine Does to Your Body

    Caffeine is a natural substance usually found in coffee beans and other plants such as tea leaves and cacao. Caffeine is also considered a stimulant. Consuming them will increase your brain activity as well as your nervous system as it increases the distribution of cortisol and adrenaline in your body.

    This process makes you feel more awake and focused. That’s why you’ll see college students nestle down in coffee shops, especially during exam week.

    While we all know the good health benefits we get from drinking coffee, there are also a few side effects worth noting, especially when consuming more than the suggested amount of caffeine per day.

    The FDA has classified caffeine as both a drug and food additive. So there is a high probability of developing caffeine dependency and raising the risk of cardiovascular disease. Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, headache, and depression will occur once you stop taking them.

    Therefore, caffeine should not be consumed more than 400mg per day, which is equivalent to four to five cups of coffee.

    The Dangers of Mixing Adderall With Coffee

    When it comes to the question if it is safe to mix Adderall with coffee, the answer is: ‘It is not a good idea’ and here’s why:

    Being that Adderall and coffee are both stimulants, people often misuse them. Mixing Adderall and coffee is not a good idea because both substances can cause jitteriness and nervousness, and both can disrupt your sleeping habit.

    So you can just imagine the gravity of the side effects when you take both substances together. It can result in serious medical complications and, worse, fatality. The combination of the two substances can even pose a serious threat if you have pre-existing health conditions such as anxiety disorder, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

    Even people who are taking Adderall as prescribed by their physician are advised to take extra precautions when it comes to their caffeine intake. You could easily go from being a nervous Nellie to a full-on nervous wreck.

    The potential side-effects of Adderall and coffee when mixed together are: 

    • increased heart rate
    • digestive issues
    • anxiety and panic attacks
    • and euphoria, among others

    And with the potential increase in euphoric effects, there is also a possibility of intensified withdrawals when you stop taking both substances together.

    If you are already taking Adderall with coffee, then you most likely are experiencing the above-mentioned side effects.

    What happens when you stop taking both substances altogether?

    The withdrawal symptoms will occur. You will most likely feel the first stage of withdrawal just hours after your last dose. The symptoms you need to look out for are intense headaches, depression, irritability, mood swings, and low libido.

    But those are only in addition to the symptoms that Adderall alone was supposed to reduce legitimately through prescription.

    Extreme withdrawal symptoms from Adderall with coffee include memory problems, increased difficulties focusing or concentrating on a task, anxiety and panic attacks, and lethargy—whether physical or mental. The symptoms you will be experiencing often reach their high intensity between 2 to 4 days and should start to reduce after that.

    Although the duration of the withdrawal process differs for everyone, most people recovering from this addiction can expect their symptoms to substantially fade away on the 7th to 10th day into the withdrawal process. After that, you can say goodbye to those horrible side effects. But of course, on the premise, you won’t mix them again.


    Generally speaking, it is not recommended to drink your favorite cup of Joe, a.k.a coffee, while taking Adderall, even more so mixing them together. The combination of the two can pose serious side effects, and one may need to seek professional medical help.

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