Is Badminton The Best Sport To Play For Fitness?

    Physical health is an aspect that many people take for granted. We are used to going on about our lives, career, and relationship without regard for our health. Even technological advances contributed to the continuity of this unhealthy living (read more).  

    The prevalence of mortality due to a sedentary lifestyle is a call to action for people to rethink their health habits. Fitness should always be an important part of our daily routine. People should put much value into their health as to that of their career. Having quality fitness is a way to live life to its fullest extent.

    To achieve this, regular exercise is a must. Contrary to popular belief, exercise does not equate to hardcore workouts in the gym. Everyone can exercise anywhere. They can do it while going to their work by walking, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or even when playing their favorite sports like badminton.

    Badminton, like any other sport, is a form of exercise. But unlike any sports, it has a broader impact on one’s overall well-being.

    This famous Olympic sport is a game for all ages. It is a combination of fun and exercise. Its benefit does not focus on a person’s physical health alone. It also develops one’s mental, psychological, and social well-being.

    Badminton is a prime candidate for those who want to improve their fitness. Here are the reasons why.

    1.   Improved overall physical fitness

    Although badminton focuses more on speed rather than strength, it still engages a lot of your major upper and lower body muscles. It seems like a light and easy sport to look at but all that running and jumping in court will burn your calories in no time. Playing badminton can cut your excess fats and keep you physically fit.

    1.   Develops muscle tone and physique

    Badminton is a core workout itself. The physical activity that you get from the game can tone and build your muscles. Specifically your leg muscles, calves, quads, glutes, and your back.

    As it tones your physique, your speed, balance, and body endurance will also improve. All the diving, turning, and wide stretches that you do while playing also improves your flexibility. Proper stances practiced in badminton can help you achieve a great posture. It also prevents back and spinal conditions from developing.

    The act of smashing with power defines your arm muscles as well as your hand-eye coordination. To be able to achieve a proper stroke and grip, having the right racket is essential. Choose one that suits your level and purpose so as not to injure yourself.

    Badminton rackets vary according to weight, balance, and string tension. You can visit to pick the kind that suits you.

    1.   Hones your reflexes

    As it is a fast-paced game, badminton enhances your reflex action, concentration, and mental agility. It urges you to think about where to go and how to hit the shuttlecock at the same time. It involves strategy and routines that exercise a person’s thought process.

    It is all about outwitting your opponent and thinking about your next plan of action. Badminton develops your mind and body coordination, which can be used inside and outside the court.

    1.   Psychological well-being

    Using badminton as a form of exercise helps improve one’s mental health. It is a form of release for the stress and anxiety that life brings. It diverts your brain’s focus into the games’ routine—the smashes, services, and countless running to save the ball.

    It also increases your body’s energy levels and a specific hormone called endorphins. This body chemical helps in relieving pain and stress.

    1.   Social well-being

    Badminton is also an excellent social sport (read more). It is all about the camaraderie and friendly competition. Engaging in badminton is a good way to meet new people and establish friendships. It is a chance to achieve fitness while creating healthy social relationships.

    Also, it helps you gain an athletic skill that would make a positive influence on your confidence and self-esteem.

    This is a good social activity for elderlies who tend to isolate themselves. They can join a club or a badminton league and be part of a growing community.

    1.   Improves your heart and lung function

    Playing badminton daily boosts your blood flow and heart rate. This is beneficial to those at risk or has heart conditions like coronary heart disease. It will strengthen your heart muscles and prevent vessel clogs and fat buildup.

    It also benefits your respiratory system. It improves your pulmonary oxygen intake as your lung capacity expands.

    You can also overcome and prevent other conditions like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

    1.   Improves your sense of discipline

    Committing your time to play badminton or any other sport will improve your discipline over time. The discipline you developed in playing the game can be applied to other aspects of life.

    The instilled discipline in you can help you in the academe, work, and at home. The dedication and perseverance you get from badminton will accompany you in life beyond sports.

     Badminton is easily accessible to everyone. Its equipment is affordable and it can be played in any wide space. The value that it gives is worth more than the money and time that it takes from us. Its many advantages are incomparable.

    Badminton is not only a sport for physical fitness enhancement. Read this, for instance: It also improves the quality and the length of your life. Above all, it gives important life lessons and foundation that can last a lifetime.


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