Introducing Filtercell: The Polish Mask Fabric Manufacturer During the COVID19 Pandemic

    In the middle of the global shortage of the N95 mask, Filter Cell is introducing revolutionary filters. With the current best filter material filtering up to 0.3 nanometres, our filter is filtering up to 0.1 nanometres – that is, the actual size of the virus, says Arthur Zheng, managing director of Filtercell. Tests are currently being undertaken at a prestigious Swedish laboratory.

    Filter Cell is creating a new concept that is better than the other filters in the global market. The filtration level is 95% more efficient than the current filtration mechanisms available globally. With its high filtration rate, it does not affect the breathability; thus, it is wearable. The filter is eco-friendly and cost-effective. The material is also water and oil resistant, flexible, and adaptable to harsh environments.

    Filter cell is looking for the US manufactures to cooperate with and stands ready to introduce its raw material to the USA and the world for even better protection than N95 masks.

    Covering your face is crucial at this period, but it needs to be done well. You can prevent the spread by using a material with a high filtration rate. Doctors and researchers have noticed how the filtration level of some homemade masks seems low.

    “The biggest challenge of choosing a homemade mask material is to find a fabric that is dense enough to capture viral particles, but breathable enough that we can wear it. Some items being sold online promise high filtration scores, but the material would be unwearable. You need something efficient for removing particles, but you also need to breathe,” said Dr. Wang, who won an international award for aerosol research last fall.

    From what was a ‘research’ to a company, Filter Cell has proven to be an agent of change in the industry through blending technology in the filtration material. It is a potential contributor to watch out for the COVID-19 solution.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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