Instagram vs Twitter, Which Is Best For Your Brand?

    It was only three years ago when Twitter was a dominant force in the world of social media marketing. However, now in 2020, although Twitter is still popular and used by millions of people, there are a number of new contenders; one of these being the photo and video sharing platform, Instagram. 


    This social platform now has as many as 400 million different users on it each and every month, who between them have shared in excess of 40 billion photos through the app. This figure roughly equates to 80 million photos being shared each and every day with these receiving 3.6 billion likes every day alone.

    Although a newer platform, the number of users on Instagram has now surpassed those on Twitter. Because of this fact, many businesses and brands have been attracted to this app over Twitter. There are a greater number of women on Instagram than there are men, with these generally being between the 18 to 29-year-old age range.

    Users on the platform are highly engaged with brands in comparison with Twitter, thus making it attractive to those businesses looking to connect with their customers and boost their online audience. Where Instagram is lacking, is with some of the functionality that it has in comparison with Twitter. 


    Of the 316 million users that use Twitter every month, 80 % of them do so with their smartphone. There are more than 500 million tweets sent each and every day by both individuals and brands across the world. However, the vast majority (around 77 %) of these are based outside of the United States.

    Although there are more men using Twitter than there are women, the split is very close. With 30 % of users being college graduates and high earners with an income of over $75,000 a year being at 27 %, the platform attracts a more mature and better-educated user than what Instagram does.

    With there being so much content posted on it, Twitter users seem to engage less with tweets than what Instagram users do with posts. It is obviously difficult for brands to connect with their customers via the platform. Twitter does have some extra functionality for marketing purposes that Instagram does not have.


    As is clear to see, although both of the social media platforms, they both do each have their individual merits. The answer to which one of them is the best for your brand you may check Social Meep to help you find out what really comes down to what your brand is about and who your customers are. This is because the above analysis clearly shows that they each have a totally different set of users. For greater levels of engagement with customers, Instagram is the one to use. However, if you are looking for the ability to run advanced marketing campaigns, then Twitter might be more useful for that sort of thing.


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