Importance of Water Purification at Home

    The water supply that we get in our homes may seem clear to you, but the truth is that it is loaded with a lot of contaminants such as bacteria, mercury, lead etc. These contaminants can cause serious health issues like bladder cancer, rectal cancer and colon cancer as well. In order to stay away from these diseases and maintain proper health and hygiene, people have started using water purifiers for purifying water at home. Let’s delve into the article to know more about water purification and why it’s crucial nowadays. 

    What is Water Purification?

    Water purification is the procedure that involves the removal of undesirable contaminants, gases, chemicals and suspended solids from water. Water purification is done at home as pure water is required for drinking and cleaning purposes. Whereas, the purification of water is also carried for several medical and industrial purposes as well. The process incorporates various physical processes like filtration, sedimentation and distillation; chemical processes that include flocculation and chlorination and biological process involving slow sand filters. Sometimes, ultraviolet light is also passed through the impure water to make it clean and pure. 

    Reasons for Water Purification

    Who doesn’t want to drink pure water? Each one of us, Right? But, is the tap water that you get is really pure? If you are satisfied with consuming the normal tap water, then you must read out the below reasons. They will make you aware of the fact that why it’s crucial for you to drink purified water and what benefits you can reap out it.

    • First and foremost reason is that the tap water is full of harmful contaminants that can damage your health in a serious way and you would surely not want that to happen. The water purification simply removes all these harmful pollutants present in the water so that you can consume fresh and pure water and keep yourself away from all the diseases caused from impure water.
    • The pure water aids you in getting rid of all the skin allergies that are caused due to the harmful chemicals present in it. 
    • Not only you can get clear skin, but it will also enhance your immune system. Using purified water for drinking and cooking purposes ensures your overall development as well.
    • Consuming impure water during pregnancy can lead to severe birth defects. Therefore, drinking purified water can also help pregnant women in numerous ways.
    • It also relieves you from constipation as it is caused by consuming contaminated water and unhealthy food. Pure water helps in restoring the normal bowel movement and keeps your stomach clean and refreshed.
    • The evaporation of contaminated water can also damage the indoor environment of your house that will ultimately affect the air quality and can lead to severe respiratory problems. That’s why using pure water for daily household chores can also enhance air quality.
    • The tap water contains a lot of harmful toxins that make their way into your body daily. Consuming pure water helps you in detoxifying your body.

    How to Purify Water at Home?

    After getting aware of the several health benefits of purified water, you must be thinking that how can you get purify water at your home. There are different methods through which you can purify water at home. These methods include:

    Boiling water before using it. This removes most of the contaminants from water. The only drawback in this method is that when you boil your tap water, along with the contaminants, various vitamins in it also gets dissolved and evaporated.

    You can also use Iodine solution, tablets or crystals to purify water. This is one of the most convenient method of purifying your water. You need to make sure that you let it purify water for half an hour and then use it.

    One of the simplest and trusted method to purify your water at home is by using water purifier. There are various water purifiers available in the market that can give you the fresh and purified water. The water purifier sucks up the contaminated tap water and removes all the impurities including sediments and micro-organisms. After that, it dispenses the clean, purified water. The major difference comes in the purification process is that some of the water purifiers use chemicals, whereas some of them also make use of electrostatic charge to remove the contaminants and other pollutants present in the water. 

    You can also purify your tap water by putting chlorine drops in it. As chlorine kills the bacteria in water and makes it less poisonous for drinking. It doesn’t remove the entire contaminants from your water but, it does manage to save you from bacteria related diseases that affect your body through impure water.

    You can also purify your impure water by using ultraviolet light. You just need to flash it for a few minutes and it kills all the bacterias in your water and makes it pure. This method too like the above one (chlorine) saves you from bacteria related diseases caused by drinking impure water.


    After going through the above article, now you must be aware of what elements purify water and is purified water healthy for you or not. Select the water purification technique that matches your requirements. Consuming pure water is the need of the hour and it’s really crucial to keep yourself on the healthier side and away from all the diseases. In the current adulteration era, we hope that you feed your family pure and clean water.


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