How to use the writing potential and make money on it?

     Each one of us has potential that can be harnessed into any skill. These skills are often instrumental in helping us earn a living – put food on the table, pay bills and other expenses. For those who have discovered that they have a writing-based potential, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to explore tidbits on how to make money on the side. By honing into the chances and opportunities found in the writing industry, you could not only be making money on the side but also get a shot at turning it into a major career. But in order to get to that point, one needs to start somewhere, and that’s where we will start – determining if you truly have the potential. Then the article will go further to discuss on how to do money writing. 

    Ways to make money
    How do you ascertain that you have the potential to do something? Often, potential comes accompanied by a passion for doing the particular thing in question. The following can tell you if you have the potential for a thing:  

    • When you do it effortlessly 
    • When you do it without ever getting tired 
    • When you have no formal training, and yet it works out for you. 

    If you are able to identify with these features above concerning writing, you most definitely have the potential to engage in writing. Now, think of how much you would be able to achieve if you find your niche and just keep writing? Sounds awesome, right? The beginning is never smooth, but with time one is able to find various ways he/she can get paid to write.  

    Here are some ways one can turn his/her writing potential into an all-time money machine: 

    1. Article writing 
    The most utilized way known to earn some legit dough is to write articles for money. There are dozens of blogs, magazines, and websites that are looking for people daily to help them create meaningful, relevant and high-quality content. They always require the services of those who are able to create texts and posts that can generate high traffic towards their website, while you get compensated financially for your efforts.  
    Making money through article writing doesn’t usually bring high yields at first, but as you get better and your writing skills improve, the pay would improve too. Freelancers are among the biggest number of people found in the writing industry. The reason for this is that with freelancing, you find it easier to oversee your own time. You are your own employee and boss. You choose who you want to work for, the category of articles you want to create and how many hours you work in a day. Pretty good set up and worth the try in the end. 
    2. The art of content marketing 
    This is defined as the creation of relevant content to serve as a magnet for customers and helping to build credibility and trust. In addition to penning posts for blogs and websites, you can choose to create relevant content for a specific audience, content that can get customers and building the credibility base of the organization in the eyes of the audience. This is often done through various means – posts included. And you get paid well, especially if your content is quite eye-catching and crowd-pulling. 
    3. Creating posts for affiliate products 
    A good way to harness your writing skills would be the promotion of affiliate products. How does this work? You would need to get a niche, a very popular niche that you can work with, that already has a large audience, and then begin to build traffic by creating posts that promote products popular for the specific audience. This is called affiliate marketing. It was developed taking into consideration the difficulties faced by many aspiring bloggers in their quest to build a successful customer platform over the years.
    4. Working with academic agencies 
    Getting yourself involved in jobs that cover anything from essay editing to a grant writing job can be a good way to hone your writing potential. This is an option often considered by people who opt for a freelance writer salary rather than taking on a full-time job. Other job options connected with these agencies include editing, proofreading, copywriting, rewriting and other essay-related work. 
    5. Video descriptions 
    You can also hone your writing skills by engaging in creating brief descriptions for vlogs and YouTube videos that discuss on different topics like beauty, fashion, music, health, fitness, and the likes. The descriptions are designed to catch the viewer’s attention, give him a glimpse of what the video is about, and motivate him to find out more – by clicking the play button. 

    Writing is a versatile art. It’s also a way of expression and if utilized correctly, holds a lot of potential when it relates to earning a living. Patience is key, of course. But with a gradual start and persistence, you could make a pretty decent living if you keep honing that potential.


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