How To Use Past Experience To Work In The Commercial Cooking Industry

    Food can evoke so many different responses. For some, it can be a simple means of sustenance. Others, it’s an opportunity to gorge and celebrate with friends. And for the small remainder, food is a chance for creative expression, pairing a selection of tastes and textures to make something incredible. If this is you, perhaps it’s time to consider a career in commercial cookery? Perhaps you are concerned of all the extra time, effort and expense it will cost you in training. Fortunately, if you have prior experience within the industry, you may be able to use it against the necessary qualifications. 

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    The purpose behind qualifications is to ensure Australian workers meet certain competency standards that reduce the risk placed on consumers for poor quality of service. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are the bodies in charge of designing and offering the courses that lead to obtaining qualifications, which can prove costly and time consuming. If you have prior experience, then you can potentially avoid this process through Recognition of Prior Learning. This is the process by which a candidate can present a portfolio of evidence to an RTO, outlining their existing skills and knowledge in a certain industry. Within this portfolio could be related qualifications, samples of work, footage of work being completed, referrals and endorsements from past employees, and any other supporting documents to prove competency. If the RTO compares your evidence against Australian standards and finds you competent in the units of competency, then you will be awarded either a full, nationally recognised qualification, or credits against one. If not, the RTO may review your portfolio and suggest courses and programs to help build your skillset for the future. But which qualification is right for your dream role?

    Certificate III Commercial Cookery – SIT30816

    Within the Certificate III Commercial Cookery – SIT30816, you will be taught how to cook and prepare a variety of meals, including, appetisers and salads, hot & cold desserts, seafood, meat, poultry and game, yeast goods, pastries, cakes and more. The course also revolves around conquering the basics, such as sauces, vegetables, eggs and pasta dishes, stocks, soups, while also applying vital industry skills, like teamwork, hygiene, organisation, and safety. With this qualification, you can apply for roles as a cook.

    Certificate IV Commercial Cookery – SIT40516

    This is the qualification if you want to elevate your career. The Certificate IV Commercial Cookery – SIT40516 qualifies you to work as a Chef, but also to apply for positions like Catering Manager and Chef de Parties in senior venues across the world. That’s because you are taught everything related to running a professional kitchen, including menu selection, preparation, and executing with varying techniques. You will also elevate your understanding surrounding hygiene and safety, paired with seasonal and environmental considerations, quality control, revenue and costs, leaderships, management, and much more. 

    Australia is Filled with Opportunity

    When people think of fine dining, they often think of Italy or France, about great lifestyle. But Australia has a growing fine dining scene thanks to the eclectic range of cultures coming together, paired with beautiful landscapes. Become part of this growing industry now!


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