How to Use Instagram for Your Business

    Instagram started out as a photo-sharing platform for users to socialize with one another, but over time it has evolved into a business platform that can kick-start any business. With 1.5 billion active users every month, and many growth services similar to Growthoid, which focuses on engaging with users to promote organic growth, Instagram is the perfect place to grow a business. By using Instagram for business, you can increase brand reach, share visual content in a simple way and advertise to create huge revenues.

    There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram and 90% of all Instagram users are following at least 1 business account. Below will explore how to be competitive in your market and how to use Instagram for business in an effective way. 

    Know your target audience

    Your target audience is the demographic of people that you will be focusing on. When using Instagram for business it is very important to define your target audience. This makes targeted advertising of your business easier and more effective. Research includes finding out the age range, gender and location of your audience. It is important because different age groups are drawn to different content and when you are advertising your business, you need to target the correct people effectively to ensure maximum outcome and success.  

    Make sure you are connected

    It’s very important to make sure all your social media accounts are linked so that when you post something on Instagram, it automatically gets posted onto all your other social media accounts. Doing this will help you reach more people, especially if you have a strong following across your social media accounts. Another important thing to do is to add a website and write a bio on your profile to grow your followers on Instagram. Your bio should be something creative, interesting and relevant to your business and profile. Utilizing these features will increase online traffic to your website or links that you’ve uploaded. Your bio can also be used to add contact information. 

    Have creative content

    Visuals are the most important aspect of Instagram. Good visual content will guarantee good engagement and attention from your followers. Be creative and give the audience good visuals in the form of photos, videos and boomerangs. The more creative and different your content is from other users, the better and more advantageous. Another good way to give good visuals to your audience is through the use of Instagram stories which are very popular and effective. By uploading stories onto your Instagram page throughout the day, you boost engagement and presence on Instagram. 

    One thing to definitely avoid doing on social media is hard-selling, which is a form of aggressive selling of your product. Hard selling will result in your audience being uninterested and won’t result in a positive outcome for your business. You will likely lose followers or not gain any new followers. 

    Metrics and goals

    Having goals when using Instagram for business is important. You need a plan if you want to succeed. Typical goals may include: 

    • Increasing brand awareness
    • Increasing product sales
    • Driving traffic to website
    • Establishing relationships with influencers. 

    Analytics will help you discover what’s working and what is not on Instagram. It will also help you discover what your competition is doing right and what you are doing wrong. Analytics also helps you assess what worked in the past and what will work in the future. These are all very beneficial things to know that will help you with your business. 

    The following metrics are important when using Instagram for business:

    • Awareness: brand awareness, follower growth rate and your post reach.
    • Engagement: engagement rates that are based on likes and amplification rate based on shares.
    • Conversion: click-through rate and bounce rate. Post per click if you’re using paid ads. 
    • Customer: based on actions that customers take, similar to providing testimonials. 

    Instagram has revolutionized so much since its inception and now you have the basic tools and understanding to use business for Instagram to grow and kick start your business the very best way possible. It is important to use social media and all its benefits to your advantage because the world has become very digital and the virtual reality has taken over. When used correctly, social media has the potential to reach your business to very high levels of success. 


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