How to Use Behavioral Targeting for a More Data-Driven Marketing Approach

    Random advertisements for online businesses have become a thing of the past. Most of these random ads did not have a specific audience. Also, the content of the ad was mostly not captivating enough. 

    However, with the advancements in technology and e-commerce, there are better ways to run ads online for businesses. Behavioral targeting, a good marketing approach, helps you generate more income by pulling the right audience and customers. This and other data-driven marketing approaches are the keys to boosting an online business.

    What is Behavioral Targeting?

    Behavioral targeting is a marketing method that involves using web user information to make advertising campaigns stronger. This remarkable technique gathers data from several sources about a potential customer’s online browsing and shopping behavior. 

    Such information about a customer helps the business create important ads to that particular user’s online habits and interests. These ads can also be displayed in the visitor’s web browser. 

    The primary purpose of this technique is to deliver advertising messages to the behavioral target market that have shown the most interest in them. The process involves compiling web searches, purchase histories, most visited websites, and other information related to the person’s full online profile. 

    This reveals what your audience truly wants, what your audience avoids, and what your audience purchases. With these data points, businesses can now create ads that align with the individual consumer’s preferences. They can do this without displaying messages or ideas they will find offensive or displeasing.

    How to Use Behavioral Targeting for a More Data-driven Marketing Approach

     To make the most out of this data-driven marketing approach and behavioral targeting, you need to first understand it, then use it properly. You must know how the system works and how to use it to your benefit.

    That said, how can you use behavioral targeting?

    Tailored Landing Page Questionnaire

    Many famous companies’ web pages usually have a pop-up that offers help. These pop-ups appear just a few seconds after opening the page. This feature can be very helpful. 

    This questionnaire feature is vital as it helps the company easily recommend the right products to the customer. With this, it takes relatively lesser time to nurture your new customers and increase the chance of a sale. 

    Advanced Audience Segments

    Leveraging customer preferences is essential to advertise your product. Brands may provide several key buyer personas. However, they could turn out relatively too broad. 

    Therefore, it’s crucial to niche down your target audiences. This can be achieved by utilizing specific interests within the segmented audience. More steps to follow are highlighted below: 

    • Segment your audience. You can arrange them into Demographics, Location, Device, Platform, and Online behaviors, such as page views, return visits, clicks, etc.
    • Ensure your content is tailored incongruence to each subsector mentioned above.
    • When measuring your key performance indicator’s effects, do not use similar formats, timing, phrasing, and visual presentation. Instead, ensure to use different types. 

    Correctly-timed Marketing Campaigns

    Timing is crucial in marketing. No matter how excellent your marketing campaigns are, it’s totally useless if nobody sees them. Therefore, your visibility is drastically affected by the time you post your content.

    As a result, you must ensure to scrutinize your customers and target audience. With this, you can ascertain when to post content to pull the most engagements.

    Furthermore, research shows that the best time to send emails is at 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to send emails. However, if you only send one email a week, make it on a Tuesday.

    Also, when timing your posts, it’s ideal to consider platform, device, and target audience. Therefore, ensure to utilize social media and web analytics tools. They are crucial for modeling engagement and capitalizing on the best interaction times. 

    Targeted Landing Pages

    Brands sometimes target business owners and key company decision-makers. With them, these brands can use targeted lead capture forms to capture customer data. To do this, they give away high-quality educational content. 

    Data collected from landing pages are owned by customers with an interest in offering education to their clients. So, they may be interested in exchanging personal data to get essential information. In such a case, certain customer profiles will be instrumental. 

    As a result, this sector is being targeted by several marketing efforts. They also utilize promotions suitable for this concept. Furthermore, ensure to test multiple free-content to observe which landing page types attract positive behaviors. 

    Moreover, testing your landing pages gives you an excellent advantage. It secures you from falling among the 83% who fail to measure landing page customer behavior, hence missing out on the benefits. 

    Automate Problem-Solving

    Many factors affected business success in 2020, and user experience is the main one. According to research, having friction in your process of problem-solving processes can be detrimental. It could lead to an increase in the bounce rate of visitors without placing an order. 

    Therefore, it would be instrumental in automating problem-solving and support. This change can benefit your business by enabling customers to find the needed resources in a relatively faster time. 

    Furthermore, it would help to identify all significant customer bottlenecks. This way, you can apply it in future marketing campaigns. For example, studies have shown that customers will readily choose live chat over all other online support methods. So, if you can solve most problems in less than 11 minutes, you’ll increase your customer satisfaction a lot more. 

    Equally, the use of live chat software will help you take note of questions mostly asked by the audience. Through this, you can adjust your content and offer solutions to serve your customers better. 

    Start Remarketing

    A technique you can use is following users bouncing off your website. This technique is known as remarketing or retargeting. 

    With this, after a visitor bounces off your site, the campaigns will make them see targeted ads. These ads will contain your products and services and will be displayed on other sites. 

    As a result, remarketing is a very powerful technique. In fact, it’s capable of increasing conversion rates to 43%. Since web users usually easily notice targeted ads for websites they’ve previously visited, this form of advertising can pull a click rate up to ten times that of traditional advertising. 


    When you use behavioral targeting in these forms, you should see an increase In the number of people visiting your platform. Therefore, this increases income. 

    As a result, you have to activate behavioral targeting of any form as soon as possible. It would help to use behavioral targeting for a more data-driven marketing approach and to improve your business.

    Photo by John Schnobrich.


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