How To Take The Healing Benefits Of Tea To The Next Level

    We all love a cup of tea throughout the day. Whether you like a black tea for a boost of caffeine or a fruity infusion to have after dinner as the perfect accompaniment to a dessert. However, did you know that tea can actually have lots of health benefits, including healing properties? There are also different things you can add to your tea to really enhance them too. So, if you want to bring these benefits into your life, keep reading and see how you can take your tea drinking to the next level.


    CBD is known for its suggested health benefits such as reducing anxiety and helping to improve your overall well-being. Deriving from the cannabis plant, this non-psychoactive compound is fast becoming a popular addition to tea. You could add it in its purest form of oil; however, some people don’t enjoy the flavour profile it creates. Alternatively, you could add in some CBD-infused manuka honey from the UK to add a subtle sweetness, while still getting a dose of CBD.

    Sleep Improving

    Some teas are advertised as relaxation or night-time drinks, but in reality, they’re a combination of a few plants and fruits with no real sleep-inducing qualities. If you really want to utilise tea to help you fall asleep or relax in the evenings, make sure you go for ones that include valerian or chamomile. These flowers have been used for centuries as natural sedatives, so if you’re looking for a warming tea that will help you get more sleep, these are the way to go.

    Go Green

    One of the most popular teas that are linked to health benefits is green tea. Full of antioxidants, it’s claimed to help reduce cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory properties. An easy way to get the benefits from this tea is to go for one that has added fruity flavours. This way you don’t have to deal with the taste of green tea if you don’t like it, and you can get the other health benefits from the added fruits.

    Add Some Spice

    As well as flowers and fruits, herbs and spices can also be great to add to tea. Cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger add a little bit of heat to your drink while bringing their own unique health benefits. Ginger is brilliant for helping with nausea, cayenne pepper aids digestion and clears congestion, and cinnamon can help reduce inflammation. Warming spices like these pair best with black tea as they won’t then take over the whole flavour profile of the drink. Try adding a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper the next time you feel a stuffy nose coming on and see if you can feel the difference.

    A Touch Of Sharpness

    Other teas like green and white are perfect for tangy flavours like lemon and other citrus fruits. Adding a squeeze of lemon into your morning cup can help get your morning off to a good start as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals that could boost your immune system. If you find lemon too tangy for your liking, you could go for oranges instead and get a dose of vitamin C.

    Tea can be more than just a warming drink to begin and end your day with. Alone, tea can have many positive effects on your health. But when you combine it with other wholesome additions, you can create a cup of pure nourishment that tastes delicious.

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