How to Revive a Struggling Beauty Salon

    Whether you have just opened your salon of you have been running it for years, if you are struggling, you are probably making some elementary mistakes. Beauty salons are not complicated businesses, and this industry has had a steady development over the years. However, some basic mistakes can ruin even the best salon. Keep reading to discover whether you are making any crucial mistakes, and to discover creative to improve the reputation of your salon.  

    1. Know your ideal customer

    This is a basic marketing strategy that unfortunately small business underestimate. If you don’t know your customers, you will never be able to offer them something that they find valuable. So, consider the type of customers that might be attracted by your salon, and build a detail virtual buyer persona. Obviously enough, you are targeting women, right? But how old are the women who are most likely to be interested in your services? What is their average income? What are their interests? If you already have some regular customers, you can talk to them to gather data on your ideal buyers. When it comes to beauty salons, you also have to consider the status of your customers. If you are running an upscale salon, you are probably targeting successful women with high incomes. On the other hand, if you have a more modest salon, with cheaper prices, you are targeting women with lower incomes, maybe housewives or younger women. By understanding your customers, you can adjust your services and your prices accordingly, in order to attract more people who will fit your buyer profile.

    2. Remodel!!

    When it comes to beauty salons, appearances are very important. The most successful beauty salons are impeccable, featuring modern designs, with either a minimalist or a spa vibe. You don’t have to invest a lot of money remodeling your salon. A paint job and some new pieces of furniture can do wonders. Moreover, make sure to instruct your staff to always keep their equipment clean and organized, as this can have a big impact on your salon’s image.

    3. Upgrade your equipment

    Beauty salon equipment is pretty standard, but there are some pieces that can add a modern touch to your salon. Take for instance the pedicure stations. If they consist of classic armchairs and basic foot basins, you might want to replace them with some modern pedicure chairs. If you don’t know what to choose, consider the JA USA Pedicure Chairs. These pedicure thrones feature sleek designs, and modern features like jet systems and human touch massage systems. If you were a customer, and you had to choose between a salon that offers a basic pedicure, and one that offers a pedicure as well as a free massage, what would you choose? This is the type of detail that can put you way ahead of your competitors. However, if you do invest in such modern equipment, make sure to advertise it properly, as this is a strong promotional factor.

    4. Invest in marketing

    If you have a small salon, you probably haven’t put much effort into marketing. But how do you expect to attract new customers if you don’t promote your business? First of all, you will need some social media accounts with regular activity. Make sure your staff takes pictures of all the hairstyles, manicures and pedicures, and post the best pictures on social media. Furthermore, consider investing in some paid ads. Both Google and Facebook give you the opportunity to target your ads so that they only appear to the people that interest you. Use the information from your ideal buyer persona to target women according to their age, their location and their interests. You could also consider a referral program, offering your existing customers a discount for recommending your business to their friends.

    5. Start selling products

    A lot of salon owners are under the impression that if they start selling professional products, their customers will visit the salon less often, since they have the means to take care of themselves at home. However, the products you sell will never be able to replace the services that you offer. They will only give your customers the opportunity to upgrade their beauty routines, and they will offer you a substantial new source of income.

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