How to Read Revoked Messages on Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is definitely the best messaging apps available out there. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp for communicating online. Also, WhatsApp offers you a number of features and among them, deleting sent texts is the top feature.

    WhatsApp allows you to delete a sent text within an hour. But what if someone sends you a message and deletes it instantly, and you still want to read the text? So the question is How to Read Revoked Messages on Whatsapp?

    Well, in this article I will be talking about it only. So here we go:

    How to Read Revoked Messages on Whatsapp?

    There are two ways to read revoked messages on WhatsApp. In the first method, I will be talking about WhatsApp backup. And for the second method, I will be talking about a WhatsApp mod or hack version of WhatsApp called YOWhatsapp apk.

    Method 1: Read revoked messages using WhatsApp Chat Backup

    If you have deleted a chat accidentally and you wish to recover it, then WhatsApp chat backup can help you out.

    As you already know, WhatsApp takes a daily backup which usually occurs at each night 2 AM by default. However, you are allowed to change the chat backup frequency between daily, weekly or monthly. But daily backup is the recommended one, and I hope you have already set it up.

    So to restore deleted WhatsApp chats, you will need to follow these below steps:

    Step 1: At first, you have to uninstall WhatsApp from your device. After that, install the app again from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    Step 2: Then agree to the terms and conditions and enter your phone number and complete the registration process.

    Step 3: As you follow the registration process, you will be asked to restore chats from a backup. Simply tap on the restore option, and your WhatsApp chats will get restored.

    However, when it comes to seeing revoked messages, this method doesn’t really work every time. And this is where the WhatsApp mods can help you out.

    Method 2: Use YoWhatsApp

    Before I go ahead and tell you the steps, you should know what YoWhatsApp is. Well, YoWhatsApp, also known as YOWA, is a WhatsApp mod. It is the modified version of the original app and comes with additional features.

    It contains lots of features that you cannot find in the official app. And among them, revoking messages is a feature that you are interested in.

    However, you cannot use the same WhatsApp number on YOWA. Instead, you will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp and then use the same number to sign up on YOWA.

    Also, another drawback of YoWhatsApp is that it is only available for Android devices. So if you are using iOS, there is no way to revoke messages on WhatsApp.

    To get started with YOWA, do follow these steps:

    Step 1: At first, download YoWhatsApp APK on your Android device.

    Step 2: After that, tap on the apk file and complete the installation process.

    Step 3: Once installed, sign up on the app just the way you sign up on the official WhatsApp APK. Also, do restore the backup.

    Step 4: After installing the app, tap on the three dots icon from the top.

    Step 5: Then go to Privacy and over here enable the “Anti-revoke” feature. Once enabled, no one will be able to revoke messages.

    Final Words:

    So that was a quick answer to your How to Read Revoked Messages on Whatsapp. Now go ahead and check both of these methods out and see which one is working the best for you. Also, if there is anything you would wish to ask, then do comment below.


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