How to plan and where to go for digital detox holidays

    Always connected, day and night, it is often difficult to leave the smartphone even for a day. However, detoxing is possible: digital detox holidays are increasingly in demand. Disconnect from the network and from social networks to connect with yourself and the place where you are. Something that once was normal now becomes extraordinary.

    What’s a digital detox holiday

    It’s a new category of travel, a need born from the modern era, from our being always available, online, connected. There are those who feel the desire to disconnect and those who believe it is necessary for their health, in both cases, the possibilities to leave their smartphone in a drawer are many, some very simple. The will can be enough to forget about social networks, but sometimes you have to be forced and that the digital detox program is prepared in detail.

    How to get there

    The following destinations are mostly in the middle of nowhere- So, how can you get there? Check and find the perfect options for you and your digital detox holiday while keeping things convenient and practical. Once you customize your experience you won’t need a mobile device anymore! In few steps, you already have everything you need for the entire holiday!

    Here come the top 3 destinations for a digital detox holidays

    Val Bavona without electricity, Switzerland

    In the Canton of Ticino, there is a valley where cell phones may not even work: it is called Val Bavona where the peculiarity is the absence of power supply. The energy needs in the “lands” – so the small villages are called – is only satisfied thanks to solar panels. Between the Feroglio waterfalls and the lush vegetation, the last thought is to bring out a smartphone and use it. The only attractions are those of nature.

    The path of silence, Dolomites

    In the mountains do not use smartphones is easier: it happens that there is no field and if you follow a path, especially if difficult, you need all the concentration possible. It is a rather difficult route because the paths today have partially disappeared among the weeds or under landslides, even if they remain the main ones, marked, sometimes even equipped, along which often you do not meet a living soul.

    Road tripping and going at your own pace

    Switch off your mobile devices to embark a road without distractions and fully enjoying the landscape you are going through? To be sure you have the perfect ride for this experience plan ahead and Compare Car Hire to save money. You will save money you will spend on your ultimate detoxing road trip while having the best ride at the best price.

    So you just need an open mind, a cheap car rental, no digital devices and you are definitely ready to go! Remember to always use this experience not as a punishment but as a chance to discover yourself back again away from social medias stress and expectations. This is your time!


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