How to Live Well in Your Golden Years


    Although it’s a perfectly natural process, aging is still enshrouded in a veil of myths. One of the most persisting is that aging inevitably involves getting sick or disabled, while many people also relate senior years with memory loss. One of the most incorrect beliefs is that once you reach a certain age, there isn’t much you can contribute to the society and that your learning years are over. While neither of these beliefs is true, generations of people who retire are constantly proving that golden years can be filled with vitality, health, and purpose. Since seniorhood is something that awaits each and every one of us, let’s think of a few tips to make it the crown part of our life.  

    Keep your mind engaged


    Our mind is like a muscle – the more you flex it, the stronger it becomes. While in earlier years keeping your mind active was much easier by solving different problems at work and at home, however, with retirement, you may need to think of specific activities to keep your mind sharp. Many people use extra time and learn a new skill or start a new hobby. Learning a foreign language is always useful, especially if you like to travel. If you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, now it’s time to learn. Another great way to keep the mind busy is reading, so either join a book club where you can discuss the books you read or start your own one.

    Help others

    One of the best ways to keep yourself active and mingling with people well into your retirement age is volunteering. As you help others, you can get more appreciative of things you have, as well as connect to people living around you. Wherever you live, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities. You can help your local community by visiting a local elementary school and help children learn and reach their goals. There are always non-profit agencies and local government institutions that need help only volunteers can provide. 

    Maintain a healthy diet

    The human body needs proper nutrition to remain strong and active deep into the vintage years. With age, our digestive system tends to slow down, which makes digestion-improving foods rich in fibre especially important. In addition, older adults are more prone to dehydration, so drinking a lot of water every day is essential as well. Even if you’re only cooking for one or two, don’t let your meal times become a boring routine. Make every dish with love and culinary expertise, drawing from your vast experience. you can also invite other adults to spend meal time with, so you’re both socializing and enjoying your food at the same time. 

    Manage your finances smarter


    There’s a big difference between cost and value. If four people went on a weekend tour of a wine region with tasting gourmet delicacies, they got the same value, but if two of them booked at a discount rate, they got much more value out of it. The point is, it’s always worth it to check out if you can save some money; and if you’re a senior citizen, you might qualify for various discount rates. Being financially independent well into your golden age also gives you more choices when planning your in-home aged care support options, enabling you to stay independent and make the vital decisions yourself. Self-managing your home care package allows you to take the most out of your Home Care Package funding if you receive it.

    Stay physically active


    Even if regular exercising has never been your cup of tea, it’s never too late to change the old habits. Exercise will improve your physical condition, as well as reduce anxiety that often comes later in life. However, before you commit yourself to a new exercise program, make sure you consult your doctor. After discussing it with your physician, find a kind of activity that you’d like to try and participate in. Browse for health clubs that have classes specially tailored for senior adults. Your exercising doesn’t need to be anything drastic – even a brisk walk in the evening can be a great way to end a fulfilled day and get a good night’s sleep. 

    Stay in touch with loved ones

    As your children leave home and move away, as you leave your younger colleagues and relationships you’ve built at work, as friends and loved ones pass away, it’s only too easy to feel lost or forgotten. However, it’s essential that you stay in touch with those you care about. Their lives might have taken different turns, with your role as a parent different than it used to be, but you’re still an important family member. Today’s technology like Skype and Facebook allow all people to stay connected, bear witness, and be a part of your children and grandchildren’s accomplishments, failings, and happiness. 

    The possibilities that come with the golden years are virtually endless. As your free time increases, you have a unique opportunity to try and enjoy things and activities you never had time for before. This way you can make the harvest years of your life the most fruitful, meaningful and exciting period you’ve ever lived through.


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