How To Get Medical Transportation Contracts?

    Contracts are the lifeblood of the non-emergency transportation industry. If you do not have enough contracts, you will have a business but no service to deliver. That is why winning them is just as critical as having the optimal fleet.

    When you first begin, you should be aggressive in searching for potential riders. However, where should you look for sources? How do I obtain non-emergency medical transportation contracts? How does NEMT scheduling software fit into this picture? The following information is critical and may prove helpful:

    There are a few things you should do before signing a contract.

    Starting a NEMT business can appear complex and time-consuming if you are unsure where to begin. The approaches below will assist you in determining what to do and where to start learning how to create revenue in NEMT.

    Consider the legal structure of your business: sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability corporation are all viable alternatives. Consult an attorney to know the best legal situation for you.

    Legal Documents

    Documents such as certificates, a NEMT license, and operating permissions are also necessary. They vary by state, so you’ll need to contact the local authorities to ascertain their requirements and develop a list of the documents you’ll require.


    Insurance before operating, you must have adequate NEMT insurance coverage that covers your actions and vehicles. Avoid the lowest bids since they may result in less coverage than required.

    Establish a Fleet

    Each vehicle should be safe, reliable, adaptable, and convenient for your passengers. Before purchasing wheelchairs, gurneys, and other equipment, ensure that they are accessible. It’s worth remembering that machines must comply with the ADA.

    Select high-quality NEMT dispatch software to automate all NEMT activities, including dispatching, routing, scheduling, billing, and communicating with drivers and clients. As a result of the NEMT billing software, fewer claims will be rejected, and you will receive payment sooner.

    Where Can NEMT Contracts Be Obtained?

    If you want to acquire enough contracts, regardless of your firm’s size, you must work in two directions: contact with service clients and connect with residents to inform them of the presence of your NEMT company.

    You never know when you’re going to receive further calls or offers. Below is a list of suitable partners for you.

    Providers of Health Insurance

    You should contact firms that have clients in need of your services. And insurers of health care will be at the top of the list. Among them are Fidelis and others.


    NEMT brokers distribute jobs to NEMT providers, arrange travel, and function as agents for insurance companies and healthcare facilities.

    To obtain a contract with a broker, ensure that you understand their requirements and follow their guidelines. Superior customer service, cleanliness, and responsiveness will enhance your broker’s opinion of you, resulting in additional contracts and clients. Take special consideration to ensure the authenticity of your documents and the legitimacy of any claims you submit.

    Relevant Organizations

    To connect with the potential partners and customers listed below, conduct a search for appropriate businesses in your area and connect to them via traditional marketing tactics and social media platforms. Alternatively, call them and leave business cards, pamphlets, and a sample agreement at their door.

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