How To Get 1 Million Followers On Instagram With Paul Getter

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul Getter. Who is he? You must have seen people and brands on Instagram with millions of followers. Paul Getter is the man behind them. He helps public figures and brands grow both their following and their engagement on Instagram.

    I sat down with the man behind some of the biggest names in entertainment and entrepreneurship, Paul Getter to find how he has grow his personal account to over 1 million follower in less than a year and how he has helped his clients gain millions and millions of followers over the years. Paul has worked with world class people like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and Kevin Hart just to name a few. He runs a consulting company called the Internet Marketing Nerds where he helps public figures gain notoriety and status on social media.

    While we spoke over coffee, he told me his entire story. The story was as inspiring as the man who has helped multiple leading brands, celebrities & ordinary people earn 7 & 8 figures online. Generously, he told him about the secrets he has discovered over the years to organically grow any Instagram account, regardless of the niche. He calls it the 10X method.  Paul delved deeper and came out with methods that encapsulated the science behind following on Instagram. Today, he manages millions of dollars in marketing for his clients but his life wasn’t always like this.

    Paul says his life was anything but easy. His story is a recipe for a bestselling book. Nine years ago, he drove around his 1996 Dodge Caravan delivering phonebooks and working a 9-5 job that he hated. He hated his boss and was tired of being mistreated at work, unvalued, disrespected and uninspired in his work. Until, one day, something clicked and he realized the power of social media marketing. He asked himself: “Why one person has millions of followers while others have only hundreds? When both had similar content? ” Paul then began the process of understanding the patterns and algorithms on Facebook, Instagram & other social media platforms.

    He began to explore Facebook Advertising, first by helping his local church setup a Facebook business page. He was able to grow his churches page exponentially. That success lead him to quit his job and begin working with one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown. Paul helped Les harness the power of internet marketing and grow his Facebook Fan page to become verified and grow to over 1 million followers! He has since went on to work with top influencers like Tai Lopez and Grand Cardone.

    Want to learn how to grow your following on Instagram to over 1 Million?

    Follow these simple steps to increase your following on Instagram and use these verified methods to increase your followers and your reach on social media – learn these trade secrets from the Founders and CEO of the Internet Marketing Nerds himself, Paul Getter.

    Here is Paul Getter’s 10X Method for growing your following on Instagram.

    Respond to the first 10 Comments on Every Post 

    He says most people and brands don’t understand the value of responding to the comments. It might not be possible to respond to all the comments. But, do it for the first 10 comments. Give real and legitimate answers. Spend some time formulating the response. Show your gratitude. Connect to your first few followers deeply. New followers come from existing followers.

    Write in details about their query. Ask them if they would want to see something else. Connect with them. When new people come to your page, they see how you connect with your followers. It builds trustworthiness. This trust makes way for more followers.

    2. Find The Top 10 Big Pages In Your Niche and Engage with them Daily 

    Paul says that online marketing is all about finding your niche. If you are into digital marketing, you should see what the Big pages of digital marketing are doing right.

    A simple way to find, he says, is to type your keywords and see the top 10 pages that come. Connect with all of them.

    Be one of the first to respond when they post something new. Leave a detailed comment on what you felt about their updates.

    After a while, you will start seeing a pattern. You will realize that most of them follow a specific pattern. The patterns differ for different niches.

    Your detailed comments will help you get followers from the Big page. After all, these are the ones you want as your followers.

    3. DM 10 Micro-Influencer Pages To Collaborate Per Day 

    According to Paul, growing your following on Instagram is a collaborative process. Unlike real-world, where everything is competitive, online marketing is all about collaborative so far.

    Find pages from your niche with a similar number of followers. Connect & Collaborate with them. Share their stuff. Make a mutually benefitting relationship. They share your story and you share theirs.

    Put Instagram stories involving both. This will help both pages increase the number of followers. Online is about sharing. And, this sharing increases your following on Instagram.

    The online world allows you to grow together. Be in constant search of equal pages in your niche and let them know that you are interested in a win-win relationship.

    4. Follow The 10X in 10 Minutes Rule

    Put in the work daily! All of this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Investing only 10 minutes can quickly increase followers up to 10X in a short period of time.

    5.Connect with Influencers

    Just before our meeting is about to end, Paul tells me this last secret. Most people think they know this method, but they are wrong.

    No doubt, Influencers can accelerate your online growth. But most people and brands randomly follow influencers. It doesn’t benefit you.

    Paul says the idea is to know the influencers in your niche. There are influencers for various niches like health, acting, modeling, photography, etc. Connect to those influencers who have the followers you want.

    See their posts and comment regularly. The comment should reflect that you have an understanding of what you do. And, when they share your posts, you can have accelerating growing on Instagram.


    With these simple steps, you can grow your following 10X in almost no time. And, guess what-It would only take you 10 minutes per day. Paul has also compiled a list of more than a thousand Instagram Influencers. He has divided them according to the niches. He calls it the black book. The book is on sale now for a limited time for only $7 and contains all of Paul’s personal influencer connections, his influencer rolodex if you will.

    As the meeting concludes and I take his leave, I think about all he had said. This is the man who makes millions for his several clients. He has been doing it consistently for years.

    Paul’s client includes the likes of Neil Patel, Tim Storey, Kevin Harrington, Bob Proctor, Tai Lopez, Les Brown, Grant Cardone and more. He is also a consultant to leading marketing companies in the world.

    Paul Getter is helping leading brands to make their online presence, optimize their content, and drive traffic to their pages. With more than a billion users active on Instagram, growing your following means increasing your income to the next level as well!

    If you want to take your social media to the next level make sure you follow and connect with Paul on Instagram and LinkedIn.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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