How to Feel Better Right Now: 11 Easy Tips

    The downsides of life can leave you unhappy and unmotivated. Let’s talk about how to lift your spirits so you can live a more fulfilling and productive life.

    Have you ever wished for someone, anyone, to stop and ask you how you’re doing?

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with feeling like this. It’s 100-percent natural. We all have days when we’re in low spirits.

    Perhaps you had a bad day at work, lost something or someone. Perhaps you’re just stressed and overwhelmed and could use a break.

    Regardless of what’s dampening your moods, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better.

    Stay with us to find out what actions you can take right away to lighten up your mood.

    1. Hang Around Animals

    As humans, we have this innate connection to animals that is more or less shrouded in mystery. We keep them as pets because we recognize that the relationship, wherever it comes from, is good for us as it is for them.

    Studies show that interacting with animals decreases the presence of cortisol, a stress hormone, in our bodies. It also relieves blood pressure.

    That’s not all. According to some studies, animals can spark feelings of social support, elevate your mood and reduce loneliness.

    If you’re feeling down, you should probably get yourself a furry buddy (if you don’t have one already). While they can’t talk, pets, especially dogs, are loyal friends with lots of love to give.

    2. Take a Random Train Ride

    You’re feeling out of sorts? Try exploring for a day.

    There are tons of things you can do, and one of them is being an aimless passenger.

    It’s simple:

    Get on a train, sit back, and let the world fall away behind you.

    Your destination doesn’t matter, so long as it’s not far enough to tamper with your return.

    When you get off, go for a walk, find interesting things to see, get something to eat, and catch a train back.

    3. Try Scrapbooking

    Whenever you feel really down or really happy, make a habit of detailing the experience in a scrapbook, complete with photos or artwork.

    Then, you’ll have a book to retreat to when you want to revisit good memories and remind yourself that the dark clouds always pass.

    And the unhappy memories will remind you that you’ve been through hard times before and came out strong.

    4. Break a Rule

    When you’re feeling overwhelmed, your normal routine is not the way out. Not saying that it’s the reason behind your ruffled emotions, but it doesn’t help the situation.

    Pushing on as if everything is fine is not healthy. The last thing you want is to ignore your feelings and keep up the routine.

    We say, break a rule, even if it’s your own. Sometimes all we want is a short break from the norm. You don’t like to indulge yourself? Well, indulge yourself.

    Perhaps once you’ve gone against your routine, you’ll laugh hard about it.

    5. Make the World a Better Place

    It’s hard not to feel good after a long day of helping other people.

    If you’re feeling down, donate or offer hands-on services to a cause you believe in. When you participate in something bigger than yourself, it calms your spirit.

    Did you know that giving doesn’t just help the recipient but the giver as well? In a 2006 study, researchers found that charity work has a positive impact on the parts of the brain responsible for social connections and feelings of satisfaction.

    6. Dance It Out

    Can dancing actually make you feel better?

    The better question is, when was the last time you danced?

    (And no, not some calculated, date-night choreography, but a carefree don’t-know-don’t-care dance session.)

    You should dance to your favorite songs until you can’t stand the exhaustion. When you’re done, you won’t have the energy to feel glum. 

    7. Visit a Loved One

    Your loved ones are your pillars of support and strength. It could be family or friends.

    Think about the person who cares about you without judgment or reservations.

    That’s the person you want near you when you don’t feel alright. If possible, get together in person or on Facetime to chat.

    8. Let Go!

    Are you the type of person who likes to plan everything out? Maybe it makes you comfortable knowing you can control the outcome, but when you’re feeling glam, there isn’t much you can control.

    Want your groove back?

    Start by letting go of the reins you’ve tightly wound around your life. For once, let go, just for a bit. So long as you’re not hurting yourself or someone else, let go and revel in the release.

    If you’re sitting at the office or stuck at home and all you want to do is get out the door, then do just that. Go be out there and burn off some energy — your work isn’t going anywhere.

    9. Watch People

    We’re all interconnected. It’s the nature of being human, and understanding this will help you realize that you’re not alone in anything.

    Take a walk when you’re feeling disconnected and watch other people going through their daily activities.

    When you stop for a while and just look around, you’ll notice that there’s a whole world around you, and you’re a part of it too.

    10. Try Gardening

    Gardening is one of the best ways to uplift your mood.

    Numerous studies have found that tending to plants and interacting with nature triggers the release of happy hormones.

    And you don’t need to have a backyard garden, either. If you don’t have any outdoor space of your own, caring for potted plants is still therapeutic.

    11. Have a Good Cry

    There are times when you feel so overwhelmed that you want to scream, sit in a corner or hide under the sheets and cry your eyes out.

    That’s okay — it’s a natural feeling. In fact, research shows that crying is your body’s way of relieving emotional and physical distress.

    So the next time you want to cry, go ahead. You most likely need to.


    We all go through unpleasant times when we’re worried, stressed, upset, sad, depressed, etc.

    Whatever the negative emotion, the long-term solution is to address what’s causing it. You may have to talk to a therapist and find a new career or make other significant changes to your life.

    But for the time being, use some of our tips to get rid of the negative energy. After all, a clear mind is much more capable of finding a solution. 

    Angus Flynn is the business manager for Chatham on Main. With over five years of experience in the multifamily housing industry, he is one of the most dedicated managers in his field. He loves to help others and takes great pride in working in a community that so many love to call home.


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