How To Deal With Winter Depression? 6 Effective Tips

    Winter depression is a seasonal change in the human body and emotional disturbances, expressed in the form of a decrease in self-esteem, mood, irritability, and weakness. Besides, during this period, it becomes difficult for a person to concentrate on business and the memory deteriorates. 

    Lack Of Sun As The Main Cause Of Winter Blues 

    Its main reason is the lack of sunlight in the winter period of the year. Therefore, residents of the northern countries are most susceptible to this disease, where cold weather prevails and there are a few sunny days. Women are more likely to suffer from winter depression than men. Its first manifestations appear between the ages of 18 and 30. 

    Lack of sun negatively affects the work of the nervous system and the body gets imbalanced “hormones of happiness.” In winter, there is so little sun – for many people everything seems grey and boring. 

    Such dullness puts pressure on people with a sensitive psyche, people with vegetative-vascular dystonia, and mentally ill people. Severe cases can lead to sad consequences: suicide, social isolation, alcoholism, problems with work, and study.

    Symptoms Of Winter Depression 

    Following are signs of seasonal depression:

    • The weakening of the immune system
    • Digestive problems eating a lot of sweets
    • Lethargy, apathy, loss of energy, and poor sleep 
    • Bad mood and irritability
    • Sense of anxiety
    • Isolation
    • Feelings of despair and guilt 
    • Memory impairment 
    • Decreased performance 
    • Loss of interest in work, study, and hobbies

    How To Get Rid Of Winter Depression, Melancholy, And Blues 

    Seasonal disorder hides a serious problem that prevents a person from living and working normally and requires timely preventive action. 

    1. Use Bright Light In Your Home 

    As mentioned above, winter depression occurs mainly due to a lack of sun, so light therapy is the most important treatment for it. Use the available light to the maximum, but it should be bright enough. To combat the seasonal blues, an illumination level of 2500 – 10000 Lux is necessary. It will be enough to buy a lamp for 2500 Lux. 

    The light therapy course is only 14 days. It is better to use lamps in the morning from 30 minutes to 2 hours. During the session, do your usual things. The main thing is that the light falls on the retina. Such a procedure will help get rid of lethargy and drowsiness in the morning, as well as increase the production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. 

    Besides, you should wash the windows and open the curtains wider – let the light into your home. Try to spend more time in a brighter room in your apartment. Bathe in the sun whenever possible and recharge with light energy. 

    2. Avoidance Of Substance Abuse

    Normally in colder regions, people drink alcohol and use other drugs more to keep their bodies warm. However, if this is done excessively, it will become dangerous. It will not cause more anxiety, depression, and stress, but would make you unhealthy. Due to depression and these drinking habits, you can push your loved ones far away from yourself. 

    Therefore, get treatment. They will guide you on how to cure alcoholism and repair relationships broken by addiction with your loved ones. These are the people; you need the most during the tough days.

    3. Moving To Other Country For Holidays

    Now it has also become very popular “wintering” in exotic countries. As a rule, people go to Asian countries for the winter, as they are the cheapest to live in. If you have such an opportunity, for example, you are working remotely, then be sure to use this. 

    4. Yoga, Stretching, Running, Hiking, And Nordic Walking 

    Be active, exercise: yoga, stretching, running, hiking, and Nordic walking are very necessary and beneficial in winter. Walking in the fresh air even for 5 minutes will wake up the mind, warm up the body, heart, and spirit. It will help to raise your positive mood and energy. Be sure to do gymnastics and hiking every day, especially on frosty and sunny days. 

    Try some winter sport: skiing, snowboarding, skating, etc. In the end, go downhill and sledding. Winter fun is very good at infecting with energy, giving strength, and cheering. 

    5. Daily Intake Of Vitamins B And C 

    Drink hot drinks. Natural fruit and herbal teas provide inner warmth. Also, it is necessary to include foods that have a positive effect on the emotional background of a person during the winter. 

    Scientists have found that people who rarely suffer from depression eat foods high in B vitamins. These include avocado, porcini mushrooms, bananas, broccoli, peas, buckwheat, cabbage, vegetable leaves, spirulina, nuts, tomatoes, sprouted wheat grains, beets, and spinach. 

    Of course, don’t forget about vitamin C, which is responsible for the immune system. With the normal functioning of the body’s protective function, winter depression is not so terrible. Include in your diet decoctions of wild rose, viburnum, cranberry, sea buckthorn. Drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in the morning.

    6. Green, Yellow, Orange Are Your Favorite Colors

    Surround yourself with vibrant colors and objects. Add positive colors to your home and workspace: green, yellow, and orange. Buy more indoor plants. Avoid dark tones in clothes. Admire the colors of the sunrises and sunsets of frosty days. Enjoy these warm and vibrant colors and let the winter depression leave you.

    7. Reconsider Your Attitude Towards Life 

    Do Not Withdraw Into Yourself 

    Communicate with friends, relatives. Go to exhibitions or watch movies. Go to the bathhouse and arrange aromatherapy for yourself. Find a hobby that will distract you from sad thoughts. Meet funny friends and acquaintances, watch funny videos – try laughter therapy. It is very good at helping to cope with apathy. 

    Worry Less About All Sorts Of Things, Rest More

    Try to postpone things that make you feel worse and worse to avoid stress. Learn to appreciate the winter season. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket, make yourself some natural hot tea, and watch the children on the street and pets enjoy the winter fun. Winter depression will quickly recede with a new and positive outlook on life. 

    Summing Up

     Follow the above tips to get rid of winter depression. By getting rid of this seasonal depression, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful winter’s time and enjoy it to your fullest.

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