How to convert videos in MKV format to MP4

    Sometimes we may find it difficult to play video files in MKV. Some TVs, tablets or smartphones have problems opening this format, and the solution is usually to convert the MKV to MP4, a video format with greater compatibility. Many times, when downloading series or movies, they will be in MKV, as it offers high visual quality in a small size. However, device manufacturers do not always support MKV, while a video in the popular MP4 can be opened on almost any computer.

    The logical steps to such a problem are:

    – Check if the device has firmware or operating system updates available.
    – Convert the video in MKV to MP4 on our own.

    That the manufacturer of the TV, video player, mobile or tablet launches an update that increases its compatibility is beyond our control, so converting MKV to MP4 or MP4 to AVI or anything is the safest option. We are going to know some good alternatives to do it:

    Online UniConverter:

    Using an online converter is the easiest solution, we just need a web browser, avoiding installing any app or program. Online UniConverter supports the passage from MKV to MP4, it is free and works quite fast, so we will learn to use it step by step:

    Web: Online UniConverter:

    On the left side of the web click on the “Add your files” button to upload the MKV to convert:

    A Windows window will open to choose the file, which will take more or less to upload depending on its size and Internet connection speed.

    Now we will choose “MP4” in the “Convert to:” menu (inside the video section) and press the “Convert” button.

    We will wait for the MKV to upload and to the process of converting to MP4, then we can download it to our device or upload it directly to Dropbox.

    The file will be downloaded compressed in zip, a format that Windows decompresses without the need for any additional add-ons.

    UniConverter (Desktop).

    Although converting online from MKV to MP4 is fast and simple, the most demanding users will prefer a native program for their PC or Mac. It allows you to work comfortably with large files, is even faster and is not limited by the Internet connection.

    From the same website of Online UniConverter we can download the UniConverter (Desktop) installer, so let’s see how to convert a video in MKV to MP4 format using this tool:

    Installation after downloading is as simple as pressing “Install”, wait a few seconds and choose “Start now”.

    We must use the “Add” button (top left) or drag the MKVs to convert to the central zone.

    Now we can perform the conversion, the UniConverter (Desktop) drop-down shows us many more options, not only of formats, but also of quality and resolution.

    After clicking on “Convert All” the process starts, which will take more or less depending on the size of the video and the power of our PC or Mac. When finished we will find the MP4 in the output folder, which we can modify if we wish.

    Convert online or on our computer?

    When adapting a video in MKV to MP4 it is valid to use both a web converter and a native program, but among them there are important differences to consider. These are the most prominent:

    – The Online version of UniConverter has a limit of 100 MB in the size of the MKV when converting, in the Desktop edition there are no limits.
    – UniConverter Online works with up to two files at a time, while in Desktop we can add the number we want and they will become the background.
    – UniConverter (Desktop), by working locally on our computer, reaches a higher speed.

    UniConverter has been created by Wondershare, a software company that offers video editors, tools for our smartphones and other solutions to help the average user. Now that you have alternatives to convert your videos from the MKV format to MP4 you can enjoy them on many devices, without being limited by the type of files that your TV, smartphone or tablet is capable of playing by default.

    What do you think of UniConverter? Do you prefer a desktop program or a web version when converting from MKV to MP4?


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