How to Boost Sales With Order Bump Offers in 2020

    Have you been wondering how you can increase the average order value of a potential sale? Then it would help if you incorporated an Order Bump in your shopping cart. By investing with the right plugins, it can help boost your average order value (AOV) by offering a single-click complementary product into the checkout page. 

    What Is An Order Bump?

    Have you encountered a small section of your checkout page that offers you a complimentary sale related to the product you are planning to purchase? This checkbox entices customers to tick and add the item to their existing order. It’s what an order bump looks like. 

    Using an order bump helps upscale your average sales value by offering a product related to the product category your customer wants to purchase. It’s a one-click check box tool that you can add with a reliable checkout cart software to increase the current order value of your potential sales. With a well-timed order bump offer, it can have the best impact on your user’s who are already into the checkout page to improve the user’s purchase experience.

    Order bumps are placed into the checkout page simply because when your potential customer is still on the product page, scrolling what they want to purchase, they’re still making up their minds whether they need this product. Placing a checkbox can also distract a user and can confuse them even more. Worse, they abandon their potential purchase and move forward to another one. 

    *With an order bump into the checkout page, there is less to no confusion because your customer has already selected their product. 

    How To Upscale Your Sales by Using Effective Order Bump Offers?

    Optimizing your order bump offers can help upscale your sales. Here are the most effective ways to maximize the use of order bump and increase the purchase value of your customer. 

    Provide Irresistible Order Bump Offers Into Your Checkout page

    Order bump offers are placed into the checkout page to avoid confusing potential customers of the products that they want to purchase. Once the user is into the checkout page, it means they already make up their mind for purchase. By this time, you can provide additional value to the product through a well-timed offer to increase sales and purchase value experience.

    Make Sure To Offer Related Product Categories With the Product. 

    Providing related products based on the customer’s target purchase is vital. Though it can be time-consuming on your end, with an increased value order and added sales, it’s all worth it.

    With the right software to simplify the workloads, you can provide order bump offers per product category instead of doing it manually with tons of products into your listing. 

    Customize Your Templates

    Providing a tailor-fit approach into the checkout page for your order bump guarantees more sales revenue than not putting any effort into the potential increase of purchase value. 

    By offering a brief description of the order bump offer, customizing everything can entirely for your website and product offers.

    Use A One-Click Purchase Option

    Order bumps are one-click purchases that enable your customer to add the product directly into the checkout page once they click the offer. It simplifies the process for your customer as they won’t have to browse with the product listings again and go straight to checkout their product instantly and effortlessly.

    Provide A Responsive Design For Order Bump Offers 

    To optimize the use of order bump offers, you have to make sure that your offer is responsive and available to any screen or device your customer uses. With about 82% of digital users, 35% of them use only their mobile phones to scroll and browse product listings and eventually check out their products. 

    With an order bump offer responsive to multiple devices, you can easily upscale your sales and instantly increase revenue. Your order bump offer must be accessible to any screen size users used.


    Order bump offers are like icing into the cake; once your customer has decided to check out their chosen product, you can easily squeeze another offer related to their purchase. This adds more value to the existing order they have with a supplementary offer. With this enticing offer, it can boost your sales with just a single click, instantly. While it adds value to average purchase, it also offers convenience to the end-user experience.


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