How to Boost Revenue from Your on Site Event T-Shirt Printing Business

    T-shirt printing businesses are profitable because of its versatility. As long as you know your target market and strategize your venture accordingly, you’re sure to get sales. One of the trends with shirt businesses is onsite printing in events. Customers can choose a particular design prepared, whether it’s event-focused or not, and take home a souvenir.

    However, some onsite printing business owners or staff may find this challenging to deal with and not as profitable. There are various ways on how you can boost your revenue during those times and take advantage of that moment to gain customers.

    Here are some tips to increase sales with onsite t-shirt printing during events:

    1. Create a buzz

    In this case, creating a buzz is stirring up your audience to be aware of the event, know that you have a booth, and create an urge for them to be there. It’s crucial that you stimulate your target audience before the event happens so that you have a positive onsite response. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Build anticipation. While you might be making announcements on social media about the event, the live screen printing, perks or other freebies, make sure that you keep some surprises which will only be unveiled during the event. This way, you build curiosity among your audience.
    • Utilize your social media channels. In this digital time, the fastest way to get the word out is to put it on social media. Given that you are using the platforms where your audience is active, post your announcements and teasers on your social media accounts.
    • Invest in giveaway contests or other perks. Draw your audience to not just visit the event but also purchase a shirt by holding a giveaway or giving discounts. For example, you could give a few dollars off for the first number of customers, or you could hold a raffle for everyone who purchased a shirt in the event.
    • Send email reminders as the event approaches. If you have an email list, send one email to announce the event, and send a second email before the date as a reminder.
    1. Value customer service

    Customer service is a critical factor that can impact your business, especially with onsite events. It influences how your customers feel about your brand and their connection with it. Instead of being transactional, your staff and you should be friendly and engaging to whoever visits your booth. Some tips for better onsite customer service are:

    • Be genuinely eager to help. If someone is simply “looking around,” be willing to assist them and answer questions they have, even if it doesn’t end in a sale. Who knows, they could come back at a later time or become one of your leads outside the event.
    • Exercise patience. Remind your staff to watch their tone, never argue with customers, and extend their patience. If you have been careful with your reputation, one instance of any of your staff throwing a fit will ruin the values that matter to your customers.
    • Provide fast service. While it’s a must to personalize your service according to the customers, make sure that you don’t spend unnecessary time with them and still keep the queue flowing.
    1. Anticipate problems

    One of the challenges with onsite events is that you never know what’s going to happen. To ensure that your customers aren’t put off to buy shirts or to encourage them to proceed with the purchase, you have to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios so that you will still be able to deliver. A couple of things you need to consider are:

    • Weather conditions. Even if there is no forecast of rain, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Check for options that you can have to keep queuing customers dry or warm, as well as to ensure that your stocks won’t be soaked. At the same time, have options if it gets too warm and hot like refreshments.
    • Influx of customers. Prepare a strategy for an efficient service from choosing a design up to pick-up of the shirts. Make sure you have extra inventory for all your supplies and that you are adequately staffed.
    • Production space. Develop a strategy to maximize space if your live screen printing area is smaller than anticipated or can’t keep up with the orders.
    • Technology and equipment challenges. Assess the tech and tools that you will be using – from accepting payments to drying the shirts and prepare back-ups in case of failure or power failure.

    Final thoughts

    As a business, you want to persuade people and make more sales. With an onsite t-shirt printing, you need to know how to draw people to visit the event and purchase your shirts. With the help of the tips listed above, you’re going to give your business the boost that it needs to lure in more customers in these kinds of product and services display.


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