How Technology is Revolutionizing the Sleep Industry

    Technological interventions have changed our lives. Nowadays, each night we see the light shining from streetlights and our devices, so having a sleep eye mask, like the Mela EyeMask, is a necessity. Many of us believe that radiations from electronic devices and on-screen presence impact our sleep cycle, but things are not all gloomy. We have a positive side of it as well. 

    Studies say the screen time for an average person is 7 to 8 hours, be it on smartphones, laptops, television, etc., and we pick our mobile phones not less than 58 times a day. But, it’s quite interesting to know that the tech revolution is actively working to cure all its disadvantages with new inventions.  

    Since we cannot resist using our smartphones, laptops, and televisions, we have alternatives to ease the stress and strain on our eyes. However, technology revolutionizes the sleep industry with smart beds, smart duvets, sleep apps, and sleep sensors. Some examples include smart beds, sleep apps, and more.

    Let’s dive deeper into how technology is influencing the sleep industry:

    1. Smart Beds

    Smart beds are an option best suited for people who have back problems, often get their neck stiffened, and are always traveling. The concept was first introduced in 2017. It is a portable device invested in solving backache issues and giving a comfortable sleep anywhere you go. As it has multiple features, it assures you do not have any discomfort while sleeping. These beds have the feature of adjusting the temperature of the bed materials so that you can have a better sleep. One good feature of all is that it allows you to set the different angles to the mattress to give a good base and support to your neck. 

    1.     Smart duvet

    Smart duvets are the new tech comforter, along with a bed cover to help you sleep well. It monitors you while you sleep and the environment where you sleep and adjusts it to not disturb you while you sleep. It has a feature of getting warmer when the room temperature is lower than what you like and vice versa. These blankets can also track the humidity and manage ventilation while you sleep.

    1.     Sleep Apps

    Downloading the sleep app helps you track your sleep, monitor your snoring, and act wisely to improve your sleeping habits. They give you a list of data to check the hours of sleep you take and what else you need to add. It will also call you to bed when it’s time for your regular sleep.  

    1.     Sleep Sensors

    You need to place the sleep sensors underneath your bedsheet and turn them on. They monitor you while you sleep. The device records your sleeping hours, breathing speed, heartbeat, sleeping cycles, etc., and gives you an analyzed report of your health and sleep. You can connect the sleep sensor to your mobile phone to get the daily data. 

    Final thoughts

    Since mental health has become a serious issue in the last few years, getting good sleep is very important. Lack of sound sleep can result in fatigue, anxiety, and irritation. Exposure to digital devices has become a curse for good sleep. Today, having a good hold on your happiness and health is the best you can do for yourself. You can either control your access to sleep spoilers or get these amazing technologies for a good sleep now.


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