How Safe Are Breast Implants, Really?

    With recent news of the recall on Allergan’s Biocell breast implants making its rounds in the plastic surgery world, the topic of safety is once again in the spotlight. Separately, there has sparked a new trend of women removing their implants out of fear for their safety, even when Allergan isn’t the implant maker. The concern over implants isn’t new, but the dialogue continues.

    I spent over 20 years in pharmaceuticals and medical device industry.  To find out the truth behind the concern and how severe it is, I invited Dr. Matthew J . Trovato to share his insight into the plastic surgery world. Dr. Trovato, who is on staff at New Jersey Plastic Surgery firm in Montclair, has years of experience and knowledge relating to implants and their uses. 

    Dr. Trovato starts off by explaining the long-held concern over silicone implants and why they used to be deemed risky by mainstream media. He then explains that the new recall, which is focused on an extremely rare form of lymphoma, is very different from past concerns about silicone leakage.  Also he shares his views on the data and what to look out for in terms of symptoms.  Breast Implant Surgery is safe and there is clear data ti support this end, however, Dr. Trovato discuss the recent events surrounding the Allergan Breast Implant recall.

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