How Ricky Andrade Made His First Million at 23

    Ricky Andrade, the Chief Executive Officer of Market Masters Academy, believes in living life king size. Follow him on social media and you will know what we are talking about. However, to be able to live the ways he lives, one needs money flowing in every day from every corner. So, how does Ricky Andrade manage to keep his corners filled? 

    Ricky is an expert in forex market trading. One of his biggest feats has been making $100k in a day in forex trading, an achievement only a very few can boast of. Ricky offers forex trading and entrepreneurial training to over 25,000 students through his academy. He is also a real estate investor with LR Investments and owns a cutting-edge medspa called Flip Your Look. 

    More recently, he also started a charity organization called MotivPack, which gives out bags filled with resources and motivational tools to young students. However, the biggest achievement of this Irvine, California, resident is that he became a millionaire at 23. Behind every success story is years of hard work and determination to do something extraordinary. 

    Ricky realized the importance of money as a child. He grew up in a ghetto part of Los Angeles. His parents divorced at an early age and he decided to stay with his mother. Ricky was the eldest of all the siblings and therefore, responsibilities weighed on his shoulders quite early in life. To support her children, Ricky’s mother decided to continue with higher studies, aiming to get a better job for her and her children. However, going back to school also meant struggling to pay bills. Ricky, therefore, never stayed at any school for more than two years and decided to start working at an early age. 

    While studying at the Orange Coats College, Ricky took a full-time job at Auto Chlor System. However, the job didn’t align well with his dreams and therefore, on his 21st birthday, Ricky mustered up the courage to take the biggest risk of his life: he quit his job. He began self-educating himself and working with affiliate companies. He later branched into learning about trading. He would sit for hours, searching the internet and books for valuable information on how to trade forex.

    He spent whatever savings he had on taking training from top entrepreneurs and forex traders. It took him over a year to gather all the knowledge he needed to venture into the forex trading world. So, the answer to the question, “How Ricky Andrade made his first million at 23?” is this: He made the best use of his savings by using money to learn from the very best and spent every spare minute he had to learn about forex trading. His determination and commitment made him a millionaire at 23. As quoted by Ricky; “Invest in Yourself, You Are Worth It!” 

    Today, Ricky is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with those who have the same dreams that he had as a young boy. He works hard to make learning forex trading easy and affordable for everyone. Ricky is also working on his new platform Circle Chat that will be launching very soon. Circle Chat was created with the intent to connect different industries in one platform that is customized to their specific industry. A new way to connect with others. Follow Circle Chat’s Instagram for the launch date.


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