How Employee Monitoring Software Increases Workforce Productivity

    Assuring that your employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing is never an easy job. Nobody wants to be the type of employer that is constantly looking at the screens of their employees, nagging them about productivity levels, scolding them about visiting sketchy websites, or using potentially infected USB devices.

    You may have heard of computer monitoring software before, but do you fully understand what it does and how it will benefit not only you but your employees too? Here, you are going to learn more about BrowseReporter and how it helps employers increase the productivity of their workforce.

    Many companies, businesses, and employers reap the benefits that computer monitoring software brings them. Will you become one of them? Let’s explore more about how employee monitoring software increases the productivity of your workforce.

    Computer Usage Reports

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    With this software, you will be able to receive detailed computer usage reports. This allows you to have unique insight into what’s happening while the employee is on the clock. This way, you are keeping your business or company and other employees safe. You are going to find out about it in detail once we go over what are all the things constituted in the CP usage report.

    Benefits In-House and Remote

    These benefits go for both workers that work in the office, and workers that are working remotely. This isn’t software that is available exclusively for workers that are working in-house. Once you get access to it, you can implement the same rules, restrictions, and alerts to all employers – no matter where they work from.

    This software gives you full insight into how they are using the computer during work hours, as you can turn the computer monitoring software off when they are ready to clock out for the day.

    Screen and Application Monitoring

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    You can think of computer monitoring software as an all-seeing eye. Not in a Fauccaltian way, but in a way that keeps employees focused on their task; avoiding distractions or potentially harmful or lude websites. It screenshots the activity of the employee every few seconds, which allows you to have more insight into how your employees are using their time. 

    With this software, you, as an admin (employer) have the power to enforce acceptable use policies. With this, you can also turn on alerts for when employers try to reach previously mentioned potentially harmful, or NSFW websites. This tool allows you to track and collect evidence of such behavior, and it also allows you to block these websites.

    Another great thing about this “all-seeing eye” is that it doesn’t just “see” the websites that your employees are visiting, it also sees what application they are trying to run or USB port activity. Some employers prefer to completely block potential USB activity since they can contain viruses or may be used for leaking sensitive data.

    This way you are also safe from any potential cases of blackmail, data, and so-called productivity leaks. You will also have access to tools that detect excessive bandwidth usage, which is incredibly useful for an employer.

    Employee Productivity

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    We all know that the pandemic has been devastating on all levels. We all had to adapt to a different way of living than we were used to, which acquired changing habits, but it also changed our internal life. Over the past, almost two years, a lot of things have drastically changed

    Even for seemingly minute things, such as our focus or our ability to truly be productive – at work or working remotely – changed. All of this required heavy adapting. Therefore, assuring that your employees are spending their time productively during office hours isn’t an easy task at all

    If this is done without using computer monitoring software, it’s also hard to calculate what all the things constituting productivity are. By using technology, such as computer monitoring software, you are not only helping yourself. Employees can benefit from having more insight into their productivity. 

    The software keeps track of all that is done, categorizing the time spent as productive, neutral, or unproductive. There is a psychological effect that occurs here. As an employee in a safe and respected environment, you don’t want to be the one that is putting people at risk or that isn’t pulling their weight.

    Safety and Compliance

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    When you are responsible for a whole team of people, no matter the size, you know how stressful and how messy it can get. We have all heard of breaches in data. This happens to companies, big or small. Sometimes, it’s by accident, and other times it’s on purpose. This can escalate in all kinds of ways and is considered a serious offense.

    Both cases, accidental or not, leave a huge mark on the company or business. It’s incredibly risky for everyone involved, and depending on what kind of data is made public, it can have very serious, and even potentially life-changing consequences. 

    One well-known case is when the dating website that was notorious for being a platform for married people who are looking for some sneaky “fun” had a leak and the email addresses of all of the users of the website were exposed. Amongst the names of the cheating amours were names of well-known politicians, important business people, and other people in power.

    Even though they are at fault for doing something deceitful, this data leak changed the trajectory of many lives. This was also devastating for the company that ran the dating website since discretion and secrecy were not only promised but guaranteed. 

    People lost their jobs, marriages, families. The company took a huge hit from which they are still recovering. By using computer monitoring software, you are assuring that you are doing what’s best for your business or company and employees themselves by providing a safe, harassment-free, and productive team

    Cybersecurity is a topic that is getting more and more buzz as the days go by. As an employer, you don’t want to go through a complicated and messy situation wondering about what-ifs and regrets. Using these tools isn’t hard since there are some extremely user-friendly interfaces with great support teams if any extra explanations are needed.

    Computer Monitoring Software: the Ultimate Productivity Assuring Tool

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    As an employer, you already know that with great power comes great responsibility. Yet, nobody wants to be the employer that potentially oversteps boundaries or the one who is breathing down the neck of their employers. This creates a work environment that isn’t ideal for either side. 

    Instead of doing risk management and speculating all the time about things that could go wrong due to unproductivity in the workplace or careless behavior, you can be stress-free by using computer monitoring software at the workplace. 

    There are countless testimonials of employers and even employees that talk about the benefits that using this software has brought them. If your goal is to ensure that productivity isn’t lost at the workplace, at this point, using revolutionary technology such as computer monitoring software is a must.

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