How Does Yogi Clothing Compare to Regular Workout Clothes?

    Yoga has taken the Western world by storm, together with this popular practice, the entire globe is leaning towards a much healthier lifestyle. This includes frequent visits to the gym and living a much more active life. 

    This new fitness fanatic society, has opened up a whole new perspective into the world of fashion. Fashion and athleticism can now join hands to create the ultimate active wear. Where yogis and athletes alike can look gorgeous while they’re working up a sweat. 

    Check out those yoga T-shirts that combine the comfort of active wear and the wearability of casual wear. 

    With the great number of athletic wear on the market, it’s difficult to keep track of which attire is suitable for which activity. We’ve compared a few pieces with each other to understand the difference. 

    Fabric Choices

    It’s all about the fabric when it comes to active wear.  Fabrics are designed to be breathable, stretchable, and comfortable at the same time. The most common fabrics used in the creation of active wear are:

    Polyester: Polyester is extremely durable and are commonly used to make gym shorts and running shorts. It’s lightweight, soft, wrinkle-resistant and non-absorbent. Which makes it a key ingredient in perfect active wear. 

    Cotton: Cotton is a very soft fabric that feels great against our skin, avoiding itchiness and chafing. However, if it isn’t blended with other fabrics, it doesn’t proof to perform at a maximum. 

    Cotton also holds moisture, which means that if you are in a hot yoga class, you’ll most probably end up being sweaty and damp. 

    Spandex: All athletes love Spandex. It’s the ultimate fabric used in any form of athletic wear because it creates a great stretch. Because spandex can lose it’s stretchability after a few washes, dries, and uses, it’s advised that yogis wear Lycra and Supplex Nylon active wear for longer flexible clothing. 

    For someone who does weights and machine training, Spandex is a perfect fit. 

    Learn more about active wear fabrics and the pros and cons here:


    Yogi clothing is all about comfortability. You need to be wearing something that doesn’t fall over your head when you are doing a handstand. Or pants that roll down in different positions. 

    It’s also important that you have full coverage of your body, you don’t want to worry about some body parts falling out because your clothing doesn’t sit right. It’s recommended that you wear high-waisted leggings for ultimate comfort.

    Compared to when you do a normal workout, you can opt for low-waisted leggings, and extremely tight fitted tops and bras. Even wear very short shorts when you are doing weights. 

    Another aspect to consider is the different kinds of yoga. Some yoga has less strenuous movements and focuses more on body awareness. For those kinds of classes, yogis can wear loose fitted pants that will allow ultimate movability and comfort.

    Compared to when you work out, you won’t necessarily be able to ride a bike or run on the elliptical when wearing flared pants.

    The great thing about being a yogi is that you don’t have to wear trainers while exercising. You can go to class in flip-flops and do your movements barefoot. Or even in a pair of Yoga sock. 

    Compared to other workouts where you can’t dare to take of your trainers.  

    Leggings and Pants: What’s the Difference?

    Leggings and pants are two words that are usually used interchangeably. Is there a difference? Yes, there is. Leggings are much more elastic than pants and are typically worn to exercise in. Leggings are also more form fitting, as they cling to legs almost as a second skin. 

    Pants, on the other hand, are usually made from jean or cotton. With the improvement of pant designs, many casual wear pants are a combination of jean, spandex, nylon, and cotton. Creating a much more form-fitting and flexible, comfortable fit. 

    Nowadays, you can wear leggings underneath dresses for extra coverage, but they were originally designed to do sports in. Click here for gorgeous yoga wear styling tips.

    The difference between casual wear leggings and yoga or workout leggings is simple. Leggings are two pieces of stretchy fabric that are sown together, whereas yoga leggings are constructed using at least five pieces of fabric. 

    Some workout and yoga leggings have more than five pieces that consist of a waistband, separate leg pieces, and extra mesh inserts for extra support and breathability. High-quality athletic wear comes with double-stitching to ensure ultimate durability during tough workouts. It’s therefore, much more technical than normal casual wear leggings.  

    There’s no doubt, that sportswear brands have mastered active wear, in creating something well fitted and suited for every kind of sport. When you buy active wear from reputable sports brands, you’re guaranteed that a lot of technical thought and design have gone into the process.


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