How Companies Can Get Sustainable With New Chemicals

    Nowadays, numerous companies and businesses are committed to being more environmentally-friendly — they are searching for alternative actions and solutions in order to limit any environmental problems that they could perpetuate. One important way that these companies and businesses can make positive changes to the world around them is to choose sustainable chemical products.

    The field of sustainable chemistry can help companies and businesses that want to make a strong commitment to reduce any negative impact they can cause to the environment. Sustainable chemistry is the creation of chemical products and processes that limit or stop the need for hazardous materials — the field can also be called green chemistry. Companies and businesses can use sustainable green chemical solutions as helpful alternatives to the hazardous and harmful products or processes they used in the past. The adoption of green chemistry will not eliminate damage already made, it will simply prevent new disruptions to the environment — the cleaning and eliminating of pollution is called remediation, which is an entirely different field of work.

    Sustainable chemical solutions can be sourced from an innovative supply company like CCC Chemicals, otherwise known as Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited. They are one of the largest independent distributors in the country and the tenth largest in all of North America. The company carries a diverse range of environmentally-friendly chemical alternatives to hazardous products used in a variety of industries. If companies and businesses want to explore CCC Chemicals’ product portfolio, they can view the options on the official website or send a request for more information. Renewable vegetable-based raw materials, biodegradable products and ethylate replacements are some examples of the type of sustainable chemical solutions that will be listed on the product portfolio.

    One green solution that CCC Chemicals carries is EnTron, a non-chlorinated solvent used for industrial practices like vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. The sustainable product is an alternative to chlorinated solvents, which can be damaging to the environment and harmful to human health, depending on the level of exposure. Unlike chlorinated solvents like trichloroethylene, this chemical solution has not been labeled as a hazardous material by the Department of Transportation. When companies and businesses that have used chlorinated solvents like trichloroethylene take on EnTron as a substitute, they will demonstrate that they truly care about limiting their environmental impact. They will also show that they prioritize the physical safety and well-being of those that come in contact with the chemical.  

    If companies and businesses genuinely want to limit any minor or major consequences they may have on the environment, they can fulfill that mission by turning to sustainable chemistry. Switching dangerous materials and practices with sustainable chemical solutions from a reliable supplier will reduce the risk of harm to the environment and to the people living in that space. While turning to sustainable chemistry is not the only important action that companies can take, it is certainly a bold step toward a better, greener future.  


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