How Can I Check If a Sentence Is Grammatically Correct?

    Checking if a sentence is grammatically correct is simple with Grammarly Premium. Using this innovative online grammar checker allows you to tailor your writing to engage your audience better.

    Furthermore, it is one of the top-rated resources with many other features that make it more than an ordinary grammar checker.

    What Is Grammarly?

    Word processors have always been the spellchecker of choice among writers, but what about grammar? Modern programs allow you to find basic errors in your writing, but having an in-depth checker is ideal.

    Grammarly’s design bridges the gap between standard word processors and professional grammar checkers. It has an assortment of tools to help bolster your writing to new heights.

    Writers have access to a built-in grammar checker, spell checker, and punctuation corrector. You’ll also have a plagiarism checker if you sign up for a Premium account.

    When you use the program, you will be able to transform ordinary work into flawless communications. Also, you can guarantee each article will be more engaging and informative than the original draft.

    How to Check Sentence Grammar With Grammarly

    Our first recommendation is to consider signing up for a premium account through Grammarly. Premium users have access to many extra features that free accounts don’t have, which further improves your writing.

    One of these features is clarity, which is an essential part of grammar. Not only do you want your work to appear correct, but it should also be clear and easy to understand. With a paid account, the platform checks every sentence for coherence and rates the work based on how easily digestible the content is.

    Alternatively, you can opt for a free account, which also checks for grammar but in a more basic fashion. Free accounts also have access to conciseness suggestions, punctuation corrections, and spelling checks.

    Let’s go into the easy steps you can take to check your grammar in Grammarly.

    Step 1: Input the Content

    Once you have signed into your account, you will need to input the text into the program. This step is mandatory whether you are working on the browser-based platform or the downloadable app.

    Writers have the option to choose between uploading their files or copy and pasting content into the word processor. You can also choose to write directly in Grammarly and then copy and paste your finished work to another program.

    Step 2: Edit Your Writing

    As you write text into Grammarly, the program immediately begins checking it for errors, similar to word processors. After each sentence, you will see suggestions about its correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

    Grammarly will underline grammar errors in red, which makes them easy to spot. You can then click on the specific error the platform can help you address with the right-hand side’s editing suggestion. It’s easy to differentiate grammar errors from others, as Grammarly puts a grammar indicator per writing error.

    Step 3: Correct Grammar Errors

    One of the main features that sets this editor apart from others is how it helps writers improve. Instead of giving you basic suggestions without explanation, you can learn why specific sentences are incorrect.

    Underneath the correction, you will find a description of why the error needs fixing. As an example, “This verb is used without an auxiliary verb. Consider adding one or using the past simple instead.” This means that when you regularly use Grammarly to check your assignments, you will begin to learn new aspects of writing correctly.

    Step 4: Export Your Document

    At this time, Grammarly doesn’t support saving documents straight to your hard drive, unlike word processors. However, you can quickly copy and paste items from Grammarly to other applications. You can also upload your document to the cloud or other platforms so that writers can share them.

    Checking Sentence Grammar With Word Processors

    Word processors pack a powerful punch, as they allow you to create an assortment of documents. However, one of their most useful features is grammar and spell-check.

    When you begin writing, the program will check your document much like Grammarly, with a few differences. It’s important to remember that Grammarly’s design focuses on grammar. Word processors don’t put grammar as one of the essential things they look for. With that said, you can’t guarantee that the platform will catch every grammar mistake with a traditional spell-check.

    Grammarly’s design is for every writer, whether you’re a native English speaker or not. The platform provides you with reliable suggestions that thoroughly better the quality of your writing for any application.

    It also allows you to customize the language you’re using to write with, including:

    • American English
    • Canadian English
    • British English
    • Australian English

    Most users find it beneficial to start writing their projects in word processors and then export their documents to Grammarly. Once the document has been inspected and fixed, you can then export it back to the word processor for saving.


    Using Grammarly to check sentence grammar is ideal, as it is efficient and easy for anyone to use. It boasts a user-friendly interface for academic, professional, and personal purposes. Since there are thousands of grammatical errors in the English language, this resource is invaluable.


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